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September 25-28 | ONLINE


September 25-28 | ONLINE


September 25-28 | ONLINE


September 25-28 | ONLINE

September 25-28 | ONLINE

EventsArterial interventions

Arterial interventions

PAD Day will return for a third year at CIRSE, exploring all aspects of peripheral arterial disease and its treatment. As part of this micro-track, the [email protected] session will provide a stage for the latest evidence from PAD trial and studies. Further highlights will include a controversy session on drug-based technology, a hot topic symposia on vessel preparation prior to drug delivery, and expert round tables on acute limb ischaemia and acute mesenteric ischaemia.

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Prof. Daniel van den Heuvel spoke to us on his presentation during the focus session on deep venous arterialisation for no-option CLTI patients. Scroll on to read the interview and browse some of the arterial track’s most interesting sessions!

FS 2807 – Deep venous arterialisation for no-option CLTI patients

Available on demand from September 23!

  • What is the current evidence for DVA?
    D. Van den Heuvel (Nieuwegein/NL)
  • The ideal patient and expected outcome
    C. Del Giudice (Paris/FR)
  • Technical approach
    R. Ferraresi (Bergamo/IT)
  • Open questions in DVA
    S. Kum (Singapore/SG)

FP 501 – [email protected] – First data release on endovascular research

Saturday, September 25, 16:00-17:00 CEST

  • The novel temporary Spur stent system used in conjunction with a commercially available, paclitaxel-coated balloon: 6-months results of the DEEPER OUS trial
    M. Lichtenberg (Arnsberg/DE)
  • Treatment of venous iliofemoral occlusive disease with the Venovo self-expanding venous stent: 36-months results from the prospective, multicenter VERNACULAR trial
    M. Dake (Tucson, AZ/US)
  • Prospective first in man study of the Merit WRAPSODY™ endovascular stent graft for treatment of access circuit outflow stenosis in hemodialysis patients
    J. Gilbert (Oxford/GB)

HTS 401 – PAD Day: Vessel preparation prior to drug delivery – when and how

Saturday, September 25, 14:30-15:30 CEST

  • Vessel preparation: when to do it
    S. Müller-Hülsbeck (Flensburg/DE)
  • Standard angioplasty
    K. Katsanos (Patras/GR)
  • Atherectomy
    E. Blessing (Karlsbad/DE)
  • Plaque scoring
    R. E. Beasley (Miami/US)
  • Intravascular lithotripsy
    A. Holden (Auckland/NZ)
  • Laser
    C. Wissgott (Rendsburg/DE)

CS 201 – PAD Day: Drug-based technology – controversy between evidence and perception

Saturday, September 25, 11:30-12:30 CEST

  • Paclitaxel-based technologies are dangerous – pro
    M. Lee (Dublin/IE)
  • Paclitaxel-based technologies are dangerous – con
    G. Tepe (Rosenheim/DE)
  • Drug-dosage is irrelevant – pro
    C. Pena (Miami/US)
  • Drug-dosage is irrelevant – con
    E. A. Secemsky (Boston/US)
  • Sirolimus will replace paclitaxel – pro
    T. Albrecht (Berlin/DE)
  • Sirolimus will replace paclitaxel – con
    M. Palena (Cotignola/IT)

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