Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe
OnlineCIRSE app/event planner

CIRSE app/event planner

The free CIRSE app for iOS and Android is a great way to keep up with the latest news on the society. In addition, you can download the free event planners available for all CIRSE congresses.

Stay in touch year-round!

The CIRSE Society app features a news section which lets you stay in touch with all news pertaining to the society and upcoming CIRSE events.

Personalised event guides

All CIRSE event programmes (CIRSE, ECIO, ET), as well as some national IR society events (IROS), can be downloaded into the CIRSE app, collecting all CIRSE info in one place and allowing you to customise your congress experiences. Each event guide includes the scientific programme, abstracts and a floor plan, as well as a regular stream of congress-related news during the event. Session evaluation forms can be accessed directly through the app and in selected sessions, users are able to participate in e-voting polls and send questions to the moderator: look for the “Ask” button inside the sessions!

The “My Congress” section of the app allows you to plan your own individual timetable and you can add notes to sessions you plan to attend. The search function makes it easy to look up any session, person or institution in the programme. During the events, you can use the app to send questions to the moderator and participate in the e-voting polls in selected sessions. After the congress, the event content can be conveniently deleted from the app, preventing the app from becoming clogged up with past events.

Make sure you have the latest version – Update your CIRSE Society App in the App Store or Google Play!