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Exam structure

Examination structure

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The assessment will be conducted over the course of a single day. The overall duration of the assessment is approximately 4 hours with a 30 minute break between the two sections.

Assessment structure

The assessment will be divided into two parts: a clinical case scenario examination and a general clinical practice examination.

Clinical case scenario examination

The clinical case scenario examination is a written assessment, comprising of 10 sequential items. Each sequential item is made up of 4-6 selected response questions that are all related to a specific case scenario. Within a sequential item, every question logically succeeds the previous question i.e. after the first question is answered, additional information is added to facilitate answering the second question, and so on. Candidates may be required to select the single best answer, select multiple correct answers or order the answers in a specific way.

General clinical practice examination

The general clinical practice examination is a written assessment, comprising of approximately 50 multiple choice questions. These are standalone questions which require candidates to select the single best answer.

Here is further information on the single best answer format:

  • Each question poses multiple alternative answers and the candidate must choose the best one
  • Out of the four answer options, the ‘right’ answer is the one which is more correct than the other options
  • The three remaining options are plausible but less correct options
  • All options are therefore judged on a single continuum from the most incorrect answer to the most correct answer

Assessment content

The examination is based on the European Curriculum and Syllabus for Interventional Radiology. Each assessment is mapped according to a blueprint derived from this document, this ensures each examination contains an even distribution of topics which cover the whole spectrum of the curriculum and syllabus.

Marking system

The assessment content covers the entirety of the European Curriculum and Syllabus of Interventional Radiology. To receive a “pass result”, the candidate must achieve an overall combined score of 50% or above. For more information please see our Marks and Standards document.


Results will be communicated to candidates no earlier than 8 weeks after the examination. Successful candidates will be awarded a formal certificate, which will be sent by post. Successful candidates may add EBIR (European Board of Interventional Radiology) to their post-nominal qualifications.

Repeating the examination

Candidates who have not passed the examination can contact the EBIR Registration team at the following email address and apply to re-sit the exam: [email protected] Please note that those applying for a repeat exam must complete the payment as before, a transfer of the previous examination fee is not possible.

Who is on the writing team?

The EBIR writing team is composed of EBIR holders who have declared their interest in writing questions or cases for the EBIR examination and have taken part in one of our exam-writing workshops.

Examination Council

The Examination Council oversees the creation of material and plays a key role in maintaining the high-quality standards of the examination.

Colin NiceChairperson
Laura CrocettiDeputy Chairperson
Tiago BilhimEditor-in-Chief F-type
Joo-Young Chun
Editor-in-Chief A-type
Associate Editors F-type
Zaid Aldin
Colin Cantwell
Maria Antonella Ruffino
Maria Tsitskari
John Vrazas
Associate Editors A-type
Murat Dökdök
Katerina Koulia
Gabes Lau
Tuan Phan
Specialist Certification Reviewers (Endovascular)
Robert Morgan
EBIR Ambassadors
Arindham Bharadwaz
Louis Boyer
Tim Buckenham
Brendan Buckley
James Burnes
Manfred Cejna
Thierry de Baère
Stevo Duvnjak
Eduardo Eyheremendy
Fabrizio Fanelli
Gerard Goh
Andrew Holden
John Kaufmann
Joachim Kettenbach
Peter Landwehr
Mick Lee
Peter Reimer
Kenneth Thomson
Raman Uberoi
José Urbano
Florian Wolf
Otto van Delden