Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe


Over twenty committees support CIRSE’s work throughout the year. Thanks to the outstanding commitment and voluntary work of the many leading experts in these committees, the society has been able to develop a broad range of activities and projects with the aim of advancing interventional radiology worldwide.

The society’s standing committees are elected biennially, while subcommittees and task forces are created by the Executive Committee in order to develop CIRSE’s work in a specific area of IR. For specific projects, the Executive Committee can establish time-limited expert panels, so-called task forces, which will execute a predefined mandate in a time frame of twelve to twenty-four months.

As a membership-based organisation, CIRSE very much welcomes active participation of volunteers in its committees and working groups, and encourages IRs as well as other medical specialists in all stages of their career to get involved and help us advance IR together. Interested members have two options to get involved:

CIRSE Executive Committee Elections

Society elections are held biennially and give CIRSE members, who are eligible according to the CIRSE Articles of Association and the Rules of Procedure, the opportunity to put themselves forward for different positions on the Executive Board, the Executive Committee and the three standing committees.

Standing committees

The standing committees actively support specific society agendas as nominated by the Executive Committee. Chairpersons and members of the standing committees are elected by the CIRSE General Assembly. Their term of office is two years.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is CIRSE’s advisory body in charge of reviewing and approving applications for individual CIRSE membership and fellowship, as outlined in CIRSE’s articles of association. Learn more about CIRSE membership. 

Raman Uberoi
Marco Das
Athanasios Diamantopoulos
Christian Hohl
Francesco Giurazza
Jernej Lučev

Research Committee

The Research Committee is the Society’s advisory body in charge of providing knowledge and expertise in the field of interventional radiology research. In this role, the Research Committee makes recommendations on strategic questions and identifies priority areas for future society-led research initiatives. Learn more about CIRSE’s research activities.

Thomas KrönckeChairperson          
Robert Luigi Cazzato
Fernando Gómez Muñoz
Anna Maria Ierardi
Ulf K. M. Teichgräber
Thomas J. Vogl

Standards of Practice Committee

The Standards of Practice Committee is responsible for contributing to and overseeing the creation of the CIRSE Standards of Practice documents that assist IRs in their daily practice and help improve the quality of interventional radiological patient care. Learn more about CIRSE’s Standards of Practice documents.

Alex BarnacleChairperson
Antonio Basile
Tiago Bilhim
Yuri Gupta
Pramod Rao
Anthony Ryan


Subcommittees are established by the Executive Committee and provide continuous expertise in specific medical topics as assigned to them by the Executive Committee.

Endovascular Subcommittee

The Endovascular Subcommittee was formally constituted in 2016 to advise the society on questions related to endovascular therapies, and to develop and launch projects that will support IR in this field. The Endovascular Subcommittee has conducted a large survey on clinical practice in IR and is currently working on certification and accreditation processes for endovascular specialists.

Robert MorganChairperson
Fabrizio Fanelli
Patrick Haage
Mohamad Hamady
Romaric Loffroy
Stefan Müller-Hüllsbeck
Gerard O'Sullivan
Florian Wolf

European Trainee Forum (ETF) Subcommittee

The ETF Subcommittee was established in 2015 with the aim to provide expertise on IR training and career development, representing CIRSE junior members and other IRs in training at the beginning of their career. The subcommittee actively supports the next generation of IRs through dedicated activities and networking opportunities at the annual congress. Learn more about the ETF.

HungaryAndrás Bibok, Chairperson
CroatiaAntonio Bulum, Deputy ChairpersonŠpela Koršič
AustriaGregor LaimerCatharina Klausenitz
BelgiumEveline Claus
Bosnia and HerzegovinaKristian KarlovićMelita Golubica
BulgariaDone Cilkov
CyprusStavros Charalambous
Czech RepublicTomas Melis
DenmarkPetra Svarc
EstoniaKaarel Kärmas
FinlandHeikki Elias Pärssinen
FranceLaetitia SaccentiPierre De Marini
GermanyJonathan NadjiriHenrike Renate Ziegler
GreeceEvgenia EfthymiouOrnella Moschovaki-Zeiger
HungaryKinga Kecskés
IrelandLogeswaran Selvarajah
ItalyFrancesco GiurazzaRosa Cervelli
LatviaNauris Zdanovskis
LithuaniaMantas Buitkus
NetherlandsJip OppermanLudo van Engen
North MacedoniaAndrea Nancheva BogoevskaGjorgi Dungevski
NorwayLasse RøvikAnne Marte Schroder-Aasen
PolandMaciej SzmyginMałgorzata Milnerowicz
PortugalInês Conde VascoJoão Louro
RomaniaAlexandra Husar
SerbiaSlobodan TorbicaIvana Stojić
SloveniaRok DežmanŠpela Koršič
SpainMaria Pilar Servent SaenzIgnacio González-Huebra
SwedenYngve Forslin
SwitzerlandAdrian KobeGreicy Heymann
TurkeyMuhammed Said Beşler
United KingdomAmr MoussaBhavna Pitrola

Oncology Alliance Subcommittee (OAS)

The Oncology Alliance Subcommittee was established in 2013 to advise the CIRSE leadership on all questions relating to interventional oncology, guide the society’s activities with regards to IO registries and to propose and develop initiatives that will help IO establish itself as the fourth pillar of cancer care. Flagship projects initiated by the OAS include IASIOS, CIRSE’s membership in ECCO and the IO Curriculum.

Afshin GangiChairperson
Andreas Adam
Thierry de Baère
Laura Crocetti
Thomas Helmberger
Liz Kenny
Jean Palussiere
Philippe Pereira

Radiation Protection Subcommittee

The Radiation Protection Subcommittee was established in 2012 as the society’s expert body on radiation safety, radiation protection and dose management. In 2014, the subcommittee launched CIRSE’s very successful annual awareness campaign for radiation safety, the Radiation Protection Pavilion. The subcommittee also represents CIRSE in the EuroSafe Imaging campaign and in relevant European Commission tenders.

Werner JaschkeChairperson
Gabriel Bartal
Mario Bezzi
Elias Brountzos
Efstathios Efstathopoulos
Patrick Haage
Reinhard Loose
Eliseo Vano
Robert Morgan
Graciano PauloExternal Advisor
Madan RehaniExternal Advisor
Erich SorantinExternal Advisor

Social Media Subcommittee

The Social Media Subcommittee advises the Executive Committee on various aspects of its social media strategy. It provides content for the CIRSE social media channels and nominates physicians to provide guest input.

Alex BarnacleChairperson
Florian Wolf
Julien Garnon
Miltos Krokidis
Jim Reekers
Andras Bibok

Other committees

CIRSE 2024 Scientific Programme Committee

The Scientific Programme Committee is in charge of the scientific and educational programme of the annual CIRSE congress.

Adam HatzidakisChairperson
Gerard O'SullivanDeputy Chairperson
Tiago PereiraLocal Host Committee Representative
Christoph BinkertCIRSE President
Otto M. van DeldenET 2024 SPC Chairperson
Laura CrocettiECIO 2024 SPC Chairperson
Dimitrios FilippiadisOnline Education Committee Chairperson
Colin NiceEBIR Committee Chairperson
Alberto Alonso-Burgos
Tiago Bilhim
Gianpaolo Carrafiello
Joo-Young Chun
Stephanie Franchi-Abella
Silke Hopf-Jensen
Miltiadis Krokidis
Martijn Meijerink
Stefan Müller-Hülsbeck
Philipp Paprottka
Georgia Tsoumakidou
Florian Wolf

IDEAS 2024 Scientific Programme Committee

The Scientific Programme Committee is in charge of the scientific and educational programme of IDEAS 2024.

Eric VerhoevenChairperson
Hicham KobeiterDeputy Chairperson
Miltiadis KrokidisCIRSE SPC Representative
Clare Bent
Geert Maleux
Fabio Verzini
Fiona Rohlffs
Francisco Gómez-Palonés
Jos van den Berg

CIRSE 2024 Local Host Committee

The Local Host Committee organises promotional activities in the host country to ensure high participation on a regional level and can launch public relations and press activities around the annual congress to enhance public awareness of IR in the region.

Tiago PereiraChairperson
Tiago Bilhim
Manuela Certo
Elia Coimbra
Paulo Donato
Ana Isabel Ferreira
Belarmino Gonçalves
João Leitão
Pedro Marinho Lopes
Paulo Vilares Morgado
José Carlos Saraiva
Maria José Martins de Sousa

ECIO 2024 Scientific Programme Committee

The Scientific Programme Committee is in charge of the scientific and educational programme of ECIO 2024.

Laura CrocettiChairperson
Jean PalussièreDeputy Chairperson
Miguel Casares SantiagoLocal Host Committee Representative
Christoph A. BinkertCIRSE President
Adam HatzidakisCIRSE SPC Chairperson
Dirk Arnold
Irene Bargellini
Alex Barnacle
Fernando Gomez Muñoz
Boris Guiu
Thomas Helmberger
Roberto Iezzi
Martin R. Meijerink
Stefan Rieken
Anthony Ryan
Stefan Stättner

ECIO 2024 Local Host Committee

The Local Host Committee organises promotional activities in the host country to ensure high participation on a regional level and can launch public relation and press activities around the annual congress to enhance public awareness of IR in the region.

Miguel Casares SantiagoChairperson
Carolina Nieto García
Ramón Saiz Mendiguren
Gemma Sempere Campello
Fernando Gómez Muñoz
Sara Lojo Lendoiro
Ignacio Díaz Lorenzo
Claudia Jimena González Nieto

ET 2024 Scientific Programme Committee

The Scientific Programme Committee is in charge of the scientific and educational programme of ET 2024.

Otto van Delden
Pierleone LucatelliDeputy Chairperson
Patrick HaagePast Chairperson
Manfred CejnaLocal Host Committee Representative
Tiago Bilhim
Elika Kashef
Mark Little
Maria Tsitskari
Vincent Vidal
Florian Wolf

ET 2024 Local Host Committee

The Local Host Committee organizes promotional activities in the host country to ensure high participation on a regional level and can launch public relations and press activities around the annual congress to enhance public awareness of IR in the region.

Manfred CejnaChairperson
Elke R. Gizewski
Rupert Horst Portugaller
Claus Kölblinger
Christian Neumann
Maria Schoder
Florian Wolf

Online Education Committee

The Online Education Programme Committee is in charge of CIRSE’s online education platforms CIRSE Academy and CIRSE Library.

Dimitrios FilippiadisChairperson
Julien GarnonDeputy Chairperson
Jonathan NadjiriEuropean Trainee Forum Representative
Colin NiceEBIR Committee Chairperson
Philipp PaprottkaSPC Chairperson
Alex Barnacle
Tiago Bilhim
Laura Crocetti
Marco Das
Mohamad Hamady
Silke Hopf-Jensen
Anna Maria Ierardi
Theodoros Kratimenos
Romaric Loffroy
Paul Lohle
Pierleone Lucatelli
Giovanni Mauri
Bora Peynircioglu
Peter Reimer
Christof Sommer
Lambros Tselikas
Florian Wolf

EBIR Council

The EBIR Council is in charge of organising the European Board of Interventional Radiology.

Colin NiceChairperson
Laura CrocettiDeputy Chairperson
Tiago BilhimEditor-in-Chief F-type
Joo-Young Chun
Editor-in-Chief A-type
Associate Editors F-type
Zaid Aldin
Colin Cantwell
Maria Antonella Ruffino
Maria Tsitskari
John Vrazas
Associate Editors A-type
Murat Dökdök
Katerina Koulia
Gabes Lau
Tuan Phan
Specialist Certification Reviewers (Endovascular)
Robert Morgan
EBIR Ambassadors
Bharadwaz, Arindam (DK)
Bilhim, Tiago (PT)
Buckley, Brendan (NZ)
Cantwell, Colin (IE)
Cazzato, Roberto Luigi (FR)
Crocetti, Laura (IT)
De Boer, Sanne (NL)
Dökdök, Murat (TR)
Duvnjak, Stevo (DK)
Eyheremendy, Eduardo (AR)
Filippiadis, Dimitrios (GR)
Franke, Mareike (DE)
Giurazza, Francesco (IT)
Goh, Gerard (AU)
Gonçalves, Belarmino (PT)
González Nieto, Claudia Jimena (ES)
Kaufman, John (US)
Kobe, Adrian (CH)
Kölblinger, Claus (AT)
Midulla, Marco (FR)
Mortensen, Chloe (FR)
Reimer, Peter (DE)
Salman, Refaat (SA)
Sommer, Christof-Matthias (DE)
Uberoi, Raman (UK)
Urbano García, José (ES)
Van Delden, Otto (NL)
Yadav, Ajit (IN)

Foundation Board of Trustees

The Foundation Board of Trustees is the Foundation’s highest authority. Membership of the Board of Trustees is fundamentally honorary. The foundation’s aim is to endorse research and education in interventional radiology.

Jim A. ReekersChairperson
Michael LeeVice Chairperson
Anna-Maria Belli
Elias Brountzos
Robert A. Morgan
Afshin Gangi

Honours Committee

The Honours Committee shall make nominations to the CIRSE Executive Committee regarding potential recipients of Distinguished Fellowship and the CIRSE Gold Medal.

Jan H. PeregrinChairperson
Michael LeeDeputy Chairperson
Dierk Vorwerk
Elias Brountzos
Anna-Maria Belli

Task forces

In line with CIRSE’s Articles of Association, the Executive Committee can establish expert groups to tackle specific tasks or projects that will help advance interventional radiology. These task forces work towards a specific objective in a defined time frame.

Artificial Intelligence Task Force

The Artificial Intelligence Task Force was created to conduct research in the clinical use of up-and-coming digital technologies and AI, which have the potential to help decision making, improve image quality and reduce radiation doses. The AI Task Force aims to create a network of societies and industry partners that are active in this field.

Fernando Gómez MuñozCo-chairperson
Bernhard Meyer
Philippe Pereira
Angel Alberich-Bayarri
Sean Benson
Roberto Luigi Cazzato
Amandine Crombé
Jan Fritz
Gerard S Goh
Patrick Haage
Antonio López-Rueda
Monique Maas
Arash Najafi
Eoin O'Malley
Maxime Ronot

Clinical Services in IR Task Force

The Clinical Services in IR Task Force was created to advance IR as a clinical specialty. Following the publication of the CIRSE Clinical Practice Manual in 2021, this task force will assess the status quo of clinical practice in IR, develop strategies for setting up a clinical service in IR considering varying framework conditions, and contribute to broadening CIRSE’s educational offer in this field.

Click here to learn more about the Clinical Services in IR Task Force

Andreas H. MahnkenChairperson
Alessandro Cannavale
Joo-Young Chun
Thierry De Baere
Rok Dezman
Stevo Duvnjak
Miltiadis Krokidis
Maria Antonella Ruffino
Anthony Ryan
Jose Urbano

Paediatric IR Task Force

The Paediatric IR Task Force was established to explore the current status of paediatric interventional radiology in Europe. The task force hopes to clarify how PIR is defined and practiced throughout the continent, and to unite a network of PIRs in the effort to support, encourage, and drive clinical excellence in PIR on both local and international levels.

Alex BarnacleCo-chairperson
Ralph GnanntCo-chairperson
Fernando Gomez
Stephanie Franchi-Abella
Premal Patel
Moritz Wildgruber
Alexia Dabadie

IR Curriculum Revision & ETR Task Force

The Task Force was created to revise and update the European Curriculum and Syllabus for Interventional Radiology. As an interlinked second objective, it should be adapted to function as a European Training Requirement (ETR) document for Interventional Radiology with the aim of receiving UEMS recognition.

Raman UberoiChairperson
Michael LeeETR Group (Lead)
Anthony RyanETR Group
Stefan Müller-HülsbeckETR Group
Patrick Chevallier
Roberto Cazzato
Rok Dežman
Mohamad Hamady
Roberto Iezzi
Laura Crocetti
Andreas Mahnken
Marcus Katoh
Dimitrios Filippiadis
Maria Tsitskari
José Urbano
Otto van Delden
Belarmino Gonçalves
Rupert Portugaller