Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe
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Awards and honours

It is the responsibility of the Honours Committee to make nominations to the Executive Committee regarding potential recipients of Distinguished Fellowship and the CIRSE Gold Medal.

Executive Board makes nominations regarding future CIRSE Annual Congress Josef Roesch and Andreas Gruentzig Lecturers.

Gold Medallists have made outstanding contributions to the practice and science of interventional radiology on an international scale. National contributions and clinical excellence alone shall not be sufficient. Gold Medallists also have significantly promoted the image and impact of the society by personal influence and international recognition.

2023Robert Morgan
2022John Kaufman, Hervé Rousseau
2021Julio Palmaz
2020Elias Brountzos
2019Thierry de Baère
2018Anna-Maria Belli
2017Dierk Vorwerk
2016Michael J. Lee
2015Josef Rösch†
2014Jan H. Peregrin
2013José I. Bilbao
2012Peter R. Mueller
2011Jim A. Reekers
2010Frederick S. Keller
2009Johannes Lammer
2008John E. Abele, Bill Cook†
2007Andreas Adam
2006Barry Katzen
2005John F. Reidy
2004Julien Struyven
2003Christoph L. Zollikofer
2002J. Göthlin, J.-J. Merland, E. Zeitler†
2001E. Boijsen†, F. Olbert† , F. Pinet
2000Plinio Rossi
1999A. Lunderquist
1998D.J. Allison
1997R.W. Günther

Distinguished Fellows have made exceptional contributions to the practice and science of interventional radiology.

2023Mohamad Hamady, Riad Salem, Bruno Sangro
2022Aghiad Al-Kutoubi, Anne Marie Cahill, Luigi A. Solbiati
2021Ziv Haskal, Thomas Helmberger, Werner Jaschke
2020Antonin Krajina, Sanjiv Sharma, Brian Stainken, Josef Tacke†
2019Viktor Bérczi, Ricardo García-Monaco, James E. Jackson
2018Poul Erik Andersen, Gabriel Bartal, Scott O. Trerotola
2017Yasuaki Arai, Mario Bezzi, Ernst-Peter Strecker 
2016Peter A. Gaines, Lizbeth M. Kenny, Manual Maynar 
2015Riccardo Lencioni, Katerina Malagari, Hannu Maninnen, Gao-Jun Teng
2014Michael D. Dake, Jonathan G. Moss, Dimitrios Siablis
2013James B. Spies, Bien Soo Tan, Peter R. Taylor
2012Götz M. Richter, Małgorzata Szczerbo-Trojanowska, Kenneth R. Thomson
2011John A. Kaufman, Anthony F. Watkinson, Lindsay Machan
2010Okan Akhan, Willem P.T.M. Mali
2009Anne Roberts, Anthony Nicholson
2008Klaus Mathias, Hervé P. Rousseau
2007Klemens H. Barth, Dimitris A. Kelekis†
2006A. Rosenberger†, G. Simonetti
2005F.S. Keller, A.J. Roche
2004B. Läubli, R. Yamada, P. Mueller, A. Besim
2003K. Hiramatsu, F. Joffre, H. Uchida†
2002Cl. L’Herminé, J.-M. Rius†, M.R. Dean†
2001J.M. Bigot, J. Edgren†
2000J.C. Gaux, L. Horváth
1999U. Tylén
1998A. Essinger
1997J.H. Göthlin, J. Struyven
1996M. Amiel, P. Rossi
1995U. Erikson
1994D.J. Allison
1993E. Zeitler†
1992I. Enge, A. Lunderquist, F. Olbert†
1991A. Pinet, F. Pinet
1990A. Baert, L. Di Guglielmo, G. Van Andel
1989J.-L. Lamarque, R. Passariello†
1988E. Boijsen†, C. Puylaert†, E. Voegeli

Honoring the late German radiology legend Andreas Grüntzig, this eponymous lecture has been given by some of IR’s most outstanding representatives upon invitation from the CIRSE Executive Committee.

Year Lecturer
2023Raman Uberoi
2022 Boris Guiu
2020/2021David J. Breen
2019Werner Jaschke
2018Michael Lee
2017Okan Akhan
2016Johannes Lammer
2015Gilles Soulez
2014Philippe L. Pereira
2013Andrew Holden
2012Afshin Gangi
2011Jonathan G. Moss
2010Dierk Vorwerk
2009Riccardo Lencioni
2008Christoph Becker
2007Julio C. Palmaz
2006L. Solbiati
2005A. C. Roberts
2004E.-P. Strecker
2003K. R. Thomson
2002P. A. Gaines
2001B. T. Katzen
2000J. Struyven
1999S. Wallace
1998R. W. Günther
1997P. Rossi
1996J. Rösch†
1995D. Allison
1994E. Zeitler†

Since its introduction in 2003, the Josef Rösch Lecture has been given by a number of prominent interventional radiologists who have taken this opportunity to reflect on the status of interventional radiology and its various treatments.

2023Yasuaki Arai
2022Alex Barnacle
2020/2021Gunnar Tepe
2019Govindarajan Narayanan
2018Antonín Krajina
2017Nahum Goldberg
2016Thierry de Baère
2015Jim A. Reekers
2014Francisco C. Carnevale
2013Mario Bezzi
2012Dušan Pavčnik
2011Małgorzata Szczerbo-Trojanowska
2010José I. Bilbao
2009Michael D. Dake
2008John Kaufman
2007Krassi Ivancev
2006L. Machan
2005H.P. Rousseau
2004F. Keller
2003J. Rösch†

The Award of Excellence and Innovation in Interventional Radiology, sponsored by the Rolf W. Günther Foundation for Radiological Sciences, is awarded on a yearly basis for outstanding contributions to the advancement of interventional radiology. Since its establishment in 2012, this distinction has been granted to some of the most innovative physicians in the field.

2023Yuji Okuno for his work on the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal inflammation and pain
2022William T. Kuo for his work on the Excimer laser-assisted removal of embedded IVC filters
2021Ulrich Speck and Bruno Scheller for their work on using drug-coated balloons (DCB) for the local treatment of intimal hyperplasia
2020Frédéric Deschamps for his work on percutaneous fixation by internal cemented-screw in bone cancer patients
2019Boris Guiu and Mathieu T. Boulin for their work on Idarubicin as Anticancer Agent for Transarterial Chemoembolisation (TACE) of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC)
2018M. Itkin for his development of new imaging and intervention techniques of the lymphatic system
2017Hans Henkes for his pioneering development of cerebral stent thrombectomy in the management of acute ischemic stroke
2017MRCLEAN trialists for their groundbreaking trial on endovascular treatment for acute ischemic stroke
2016F. Carnevale for his pioneering work on prostate embolisation
2015P. Bize, G. Borchard, A. Denys, K. Fuchs and O. Jordan for their research on drug-eluting beads loaded with anti-angiogenic agents for chemoembolisation
2014M.G.E.H. Lam, J.F.W. Nijsen and M.A.A.J. van den Bosch for their development of the Holmium-166 microspheres and assessing safety and maximum tolerated radiation dose
2013S. Lerouge and G. Soulez for their development of an embolizing sclerosing hydrogel for the treatment of endoleaks, vascular malformations and venous disease
2012A. Bolia and J.A. Reekers for their development and promotion of subintimal angioplasty

ECIO Honorary Lecturers

Each year, the ECIO honorary lecture is given by a scientist whose contributions to interventional radiology, the development of interventional oncology, and ECIO are widely recognised.

2023Dirk Arnold
2022Thomas Helmberger
2021Katerina Malagari
2019Ricardo García-Mónaco
2018Matthew R. Callstrom
2017Jean Palussière
2016Bruno Sangro
2015Yasuaki Arai
2014Riccardo Lencioni
2013Carlo Bartolozzi
2012Andreas Adam
2010Vincenzo Mazzaferro
2008Hedvig Hricak