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EBIR remote, online-proctored examinations

What is a remote, online-proctored exam?

A candidate takes a remote, online-proctored examination alone, in a closed room, and on their own device, such as a laptop or desktop computer. Candidates are supervised remotely using online proctoring software. Online proctoring is a form of digital supervision of exams during which no invigilator is present. Candidates are monitored throughout the duration of the examination via webcam and microphone on their own devices. After the exam, the recorded images, audio and screen activity are reviewed to provide a countermeasure against any violations during remote exams.

How online proctoring works

The EBIR uses ProctorExam for online proctoring. ProctorExam is an add-on, or extension, to the candidates’ web browser on the computer that the candidate uses to take the exam. The software records audio and video to observe what happens in the room where the candidate takes the exam, as well as the activity on the screen of the candidate’s computer. As an additional measure, candidates are supervised from a device such as their smartphone or tablet, where the ProctorExam app is downloaded and enabled for the duration of the exam. This app also records audio and video, as an added precaution.

Hardware, software and Internet requirements

Laptop or desktop computer

To take the remote, online-proctored EBIR exam, candidates will need a laptop or a desktop computer. The computer will need to have a functioning camera or webcam and microphone. The computer must also have one of the following operating systems: a supported version of Windows (currently 8.1 and higher) or a supported version of MacOS (currently 10.14 and higher). To check your operating system on your computer, click here. Each candidate is allowed only one computer during the examination, therefore please remove any second screens.

Steady Internet

A steady internet connection with a minimum upload speed of 1.5 Mbps (be careful, this is not your download speed) is an essential requirement for the examination. To check your internet connection speed, go here. We strongly recommend candidates use an ethernet cable to ensure a stable connection. Candidates are fully responsible for taking the examination at a location which meets the minimum internet connection requirements. Please note that CIRSE is not responsible for any losses in connectivity or the failure of devices that prevent a candidate from completing the examination.

Google Chrome browser

Candidates should ensure they are using the most recent version of Google Chrome on their computer. For the time of the examination, it is required to make Google Chrome your default browser. To check your current browser, click here. Please add ProctorExam’s screen sharing extension to the browser, which is required in order to share your screen during the exam.

Smartphone or tablet

Candidates will also be required to use the camera of their smartphone or tablet during the duration of the examination. Wifi will be required for mobile streaming. Candidates will need to download the ProctorExam app (34MB) which is compatible with any Android (4.1 or higher) and iOS (Apple, 10.0 or higher) device.

  • Using your smartphone or tablet, check your operating system here.
  • To download ProctorExam’s iOS app on your device, go here.
  • To download ProctorExam’s app for Android, go here.

Examination procedure

  • Exam structure
  • Exam Schedule
  • System check
  • Photo ID
  • Toilet breaks
  • Technical support for proctoring software

Exam structure

The examination will be conducted over the course of a single day. The overall duration of the assessment is approximately four hours with a 30-minute break between the two sections. For more information on the EBIR exam structure please see here.

Exam Schedule

The exam day and the practice exam day schedules will be clearly communicated to candidates well in advance. However, candidates are responsible for ensuring they start each section at their correct local time. Candidates are required to adhere to the examination day schedule and timings with which they have been provided. Failure to do so may result in the candidate being unable to participate in the examination.

System check

A mandatory system check will take place before the actual examination date. This is for candidates to troubleshoot any issues before the examination takes place. Information on how the candidate can complete the system check will be clearly communicated before the examination date.

Photo ID

At the start of the examination, candidates will need to show their passport, ID card, or a driver’s license that has their name and photo on it. Any private information such as a passport number, etc. should be covered.

Toilet breaks

Toilet breaks are not allowed during an exam section. Candidates who feel this is problematic must submit medical evidence of the same to [email protected] at least 8 weeks before the examination date. Please be aware that there will be a 30-minute break between the two sections of the exam for toilet breaks.

Technical support for proctoring software

For all technical questions about the use of the proctoring software, contact ProctorExam through the ProctorExam live chat at During the EBIR examination there will also be a tech team available via ProctorExam’s support chat window, available 24/7. This can be used during the examination should anything arise.