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Suggested reading for IR trainees

Browse the materials below to boost your IR knowledge and read more about some of the most recent publications from the European Trainee Forum.

European Curriculum and Syllabus for Interventional Radiology

This curriculum provides a standardised interventional radiology training guideline that covers: objectives, learning methods, outcomes, supervision and assessment. It also includes a syllabus which aims to facilitate the development of the clinical and technical skills necessary to carry out safe and effective IR treatments.

ETF reports

The CIRSE European Trainee Forum’s survey on international mobility

Learn more about how young interventional radiologists, IR fellows, and residents view working abroad in order to develop their careers in IR. A group of ETF Subcommittee members compiled this summary based on the findings from the CIRSE European Trainee Forum’s survey and found what factors increase the motivation to work abroad.

Medical students’ perspectives on IR: A European survey from CIRSE’s European Trainee Forum

Read up on how medical students around the world perceive interventional radiology and what their thoughts are when it comes to the future of IR and their careers in general. This summary based on the CIRSE medical student survey results was written up by a group of the ETF Subcommittee members and shares the initiatives that the ETF is planning to launch in order to increase the awareness of interventional radiology among medical students.

Status of vascular and interventional radiology training in Europe

For the first time ever, CIRSE has published a report conducted by the ETF Subcommittee. 25 members of the subcommittee, representing 24 countries throughout Europe, provided valuable input concerning the status of IR training in their countries. This provides an enlightening look at how different IR training remains throughout Europe, and highlights the importance of having trainee committees within national societies in order to ensure the future growth and sucess of the specialty.

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