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Radiation Protection Subcommittee

Radiation protection and dose management are particularly important topics for interventional radiologists’ daily practice. CIRSE is dedicated to offering comprehensive education and practical advice on these issues through different initiatives and across its online and live educational portfolio, in order to optimally raise awareness about radiation protection in the IR community. The Radiation Protection Subcommittee, a group of internationally renowned experts in the field, was established in 2012 to steer the society’s efforts in the direction of this field. The Subcommittee also represents CIRSE in the EuroSafe Imaging campaign and in other relevant European Commission tenders.

Interactive awareness campaign

In 2014, the Subcommittee launched CIRSE’s first annual awareness campaign for radiation safety, the Radiation Protection Pavilion (RPP). The RPP offers congress participants the opportunity to attend expert talks and to explore the latest products for radiation protection and dose management, presented by our industry partners. Over the years, the RPP has covered important topics such as cataract awareness, the new European Basic Safety Standards Directive, advice on “How to Keep Your Angio Suite Smart & Safe” and much more.

Radiation Protection in Interventional Procedures: Practical Tutorials

The Radiation Protection Subcommittee is partnering with the IAEA to develop education and training materials on radiation protection. Watch the individual tutorials prepared by the IAEA Radiation Protection of Patients unit via the button below.

Test your knowledge

Is your radiation protection knowledge up to date? The Radiation Protection Subcommittee developed an online quiz tailored to interventional radiologists to allow them to test their knowledge in radiation protection and dose management. The quiz will immediately provide your results and will also help you assess any educational needs you may have.

Never stop learning

Visit the CIRSE Library and watch the dedicated topic package on radiation protection and dose management, which was compiled by CIRSE’s leading experts, or browse our online resources and further readings to stay up to date on the most recent developments.

Raising Awareness of Radiation Protection

Experts Eliseo Vano, Werner Jaschke and Gabriel Bartal discuss the important changes from the European Basic Safety Standards Directive which entered into force in February 2018.

Subcommittee members

Peter ReimerChairperson
Irene Bargellini
Elke Gizewski
Werner Jaschke
Alexander König
Stefan Müller-Hülsbeck
Tiago Pereira
Lakshmi Ratnam
Maria Tsitskari
Saygin Tuna
John DamilakisExternal Advisor
Martin FiebichExternal Advisor
Graciano Paulo External Advisor
Roberto M. Sánchez CasanuevaExternal Advisor
Annalisa TrianniExternal Advisor
Jenia Vassileva External Advisor