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Past CIRSE events

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Find presentations from previous congresses and re-visit the CIRSE Annual Congress, ECIO, ET/GEST Europe and IROS by visiting the CIRSE Library! All presentations from 2016 onwards are currently available. Gain access to the CIRSE Library by purchasing a Digital All-Access Pass or by becoming a CIRSE member!

For all topic videos filmed at CIRSE congress, please visit our YouTube channel.

CIRSE annual meetings

CongressDate & Venue
CIRSE 2023September 9-13
Copenhagen, Denmark
CIRSE 2022September 10-14
Barcelona, Spain
CIRSE 2021 SummitSeptember 25-28
CIRSE 2020 SummitSeptember 12-15
CIRSE 2019September 7-11
Barcelona, Spain
CIRSE 2018September 22-25
Lisbon, Portugal
CIRSE 2017September 16-20
Copenhagen, Denmark
CIRSE 2016September 10-14, 2016
Barcelona, Spain
CIRSE 2015September 26-30, 2015
Lisbon, Portugal
CIRSE 2014September 13-17, 2014
Glasgow, UK
CIRSE 2013September 14-18, 2013
Barcelona, Spain
CIRSE 2012September 15-19, 2012
Lisbon, Portugal
CIRSE 2011September 10-14, 2011
Munich, Germany
CIRSE 2010October 2-6, 2010
Valencia, Spain
CIRSE 2009September 19-23, 2009
Lisbon, Portugal
CIRSE 2008September 13-17, 2008
Copenhagen, Denmark
CIRSE 2007September 8-12, 2007
Athens, Greece
CIRSE 2006September 9-13, 2006
Rome, Italy
CIRSE 2005September 10-14, 2005
Nice, France
CIRSE 2004September 25- 29, 2004
Barcelona, Spain
CIRSE 2003September 20-24, 2003
Antalya, Turkey
CIRSE 2002October 5-9, 2002
Lucerne, Switzerland
CIRSE 2001September 22-26, 2001
Gothenburg, Sweden
CIRSE 200010-14 September 2000
Maastricht, The Netherlands
CIRSE 1999September 26-30, 1999
Prague, Czech Republic
CIRSE 1998September 27- October 1, 1998
Venice, Italy
CIRSE 1997September 28- October 2, 1997
London, UK
CIRSE 1996September 8- 12, 1996
Madeira, Portugal
CIRSE 1995September 10- 14, 1995
Lyon, France
CIRSE 1994June 5-9, 1994
Crete, Greece
CIRSE 1993June 20- 24, 1993
Budapest, Hungary
CIRSE 1992August 30- September 3, 1992
Barcelona, Spain
CIRSE 1991Oslo, Norway
CIRSE 1990Brussels, Belgium
CIRSE 1989Paris, France
CIRSE 1988Berlin, Germany
CIRSE 1987Porto Cervo, Italy
CIRSE 1986Jerusalem, Israel
CIRSE 1985Vienna, Austria


CongressDate & Venue
ECIO 2024April 28-May 1, Palma de Mallorca (ES)
ECIO 2023April 16-19, Stockholm (SE)
ECIO 2022April 24-27, Vienna (AT)
ECIO 2021April 10-13, Online
ECIO VirtualNov 4, 2020 - Feb 24, 2021, Online
ECIO 2019April 8-11, Amsterdam (NL)
ECIO 2018April 22-25, Vienna (AT)
ECIO 2017April 23-26, Bilbao (ES)
ECIO 2016April 17-20, Dublin (IE)
ECIO 2015April 22-25, Nice (FR)
ECIO 2014April 23-26, Berlin (DE)
ECIO 2013June 19-22, Budapest (HU)
ECIO 2012April 25-28, Florence (IT)
ECIO 2010July 21-24, Florence (IT)
ET & ECIO 2008April 9-12, Florence (IT)

ET / GEST Europe

CongressDate & Venue
ET 2024June 1-4, Vienna (AT)
ET 2023June 21-24, Valencia (ES)
ET 2022June 22-25, Nice (FR)
ET 2021June 17-19, Online
ET 2019June 26-29, Valencia (ES)
GEST Europe 2017May 31 - June 3, Florence (IT)
GEST Europe 2015June 24-27, Seville (ES)
GEST Europe 2013
May 1-4, Prague (CZ)
GEST Europe 2011April 27-30, Paris (FR)
GEST Europe 2009April 15-18, Paris (FR)


CongressDate & Venue
ICCIR 2023June 1-4, Pörtschach (AT)
ICCIR 2018June 7-9, Pörtschach (AT)
ICCIR 2016June 9-11, Pörtschach (AT)
ICCIR 2014June 12-14, Pörtschach (AT)
ICCIR 2012June 14-16, Pörtschach (AT)
ICCIR 2010June 10-12, Pörtschach (AT)

ESIR Courses

YearDate & Venue
ESIR 2024Radioembolization of liver tumours
May 23-24, Utrecht (NL)
ESIR 2024Spine interventions: Established indications
April 11-12, Athens (GR)
ESIR 2024Essentials of Embolization: Coils, plugs, gelfoam and particles
March 14-15, Strasbourg (FR)
ESIR 2024Ablation from A to Z: Kidney and Liver
February 1-2, Strasbourg (FR)
ESIR 2023Acute ischaemic stroke intervention
December 6-7, Maribor (SI)
ESIR 2023Liquid embolization from A to Z
November 16-17, Strasbourg (FR)
ESIR 2023Ablation from A to Z: Lung and MSK
October 19-20, Strasbourg (FR)
ESIR 2023 Thyroid thermal ablation
October 5-6, Milan (IT)
ESIR 2023Portovenous interventions of the liver
June 15-16, Düsseldorf (DE)
ESIR 2023Non-liquid embolization from A to Z
Mary 25-26, Strasbourg (FR)
ESIR 2023 Prostate embolization
March 23-24, Milan (IT)
ESIR 2023Ablation from A to Z: Liver and kidney
February 23-24, Strasbourg (FR)
ESIR 2023Critical Limb Ischaemia
February 9-10, Florence (IT)
ESIR 2022Reliability in Percutaneous Tumour Ablation
December 15-16, Innsbruck (AT)
ESIR 2022Hands-On Liquid Embolization
November 17-18, Strasbourg (FR)
ESIR 2022Radioembolization of Liver Tumours
November 3-4, Utrecht (NL)
ESIR 2022TACE in Primary and Secondary Liver Cancer
May 13-14, Munich (DE)
ESIR 2022Multidisciplinary Endovenous Management of Varicose Veins, Varicocele, and Pelvic Congestion, March 24-25, Harlow (UK)
ESIR 2022Ablation from A to Z, February 24-25, Strasbourg (FR)
ESIR 2019Reliability in Percutaneous Tumour Ablation
Innsbruck (AT), December 12-13
ESIR 2019DEB & cTACE in Primary and Secondary Liver Cancer
Munich (DE), June 6-7
ESIR 2019Prostate Embolisation
Paris (FR), March 7-8
ESIR 2019DVT/PE Thrombolysis and Thrombectomy
Dublin (IE), February 15-16
ESIR 2018DEB & cTACE in Primary and Secondary Liver Cancer
Villejuif (FR), December 13-14
ESIR 2018Mastering Liquid Embolics
Zaragoza (ES), October 25-26
ESIR 2018Prostate Embolisation
Milan (IT), June 14-15
ESIR 2018Mechanical Thrombectomy in Acute Ischaemic Stroke
Florence (IT), May 18-19
ESIR 2017Critical Limb Ischaemia - Practical Clinical Training Including the Safe Use of Current Medical Devices
Rome (IT), June 23-24
ESIR 2017Prostate Embolisation
Milan (IT), October 11-12
ESIR 2017DVT/PE Thrombolysis and Thrombectomy - Practical Clinical Training Including the Safe Use of Current Medical Devices
Dublin (IE), October 27-28
ESIR 2017Reliability in Percutaneous Tumour Ablation
Fusion, Stereotaxy and Robotics
Innsbruck (AT), December 14-15
ESIR 2016Prostate Embolisation
Ankara (TR), May 23-24
ESIR 2016Critical Limb Ischaemia
Amsterdam (NL), October 21-22
ESIR 2016Prostate Embolisation
Paris (FR), November 29-30
ESIR 2016Mechanical Thrombectomy in Acute Ischaemic Stroke
The Hague (NL), December 9-10
ESIR 2015TIPS and Portal Venous Disease
Rome (IT), June 5-6
ESIR 2015Arterial Problems in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Flensburg (DE), June 12-13
ESIR 2015DVT & Pulmonary Embolus
Dublin (IE), November 27-28
ESIR 2015Prostate Embolisation
Milan (IT), October 29-30
ESIR 2015Effective Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) Treatments - Advanced Local Therapies
Lausanne (CH), November 13-14
ESIR 2015The Future of Image-Guided Tumour Ablation - Targeting Techniques and High-End Clinical Strategies
Innsbruck (AT), December 11-12
ESIR 2014Embolisation in Acute Haemorrhage
London (UK), May 9-10
ESIR 2014Peripheral Arterial Disease
Homburg (DE), May 23-24
ESIR 2014Genitourinary Interventions
Prague (CZ), October 17-18
ESIR 2014Venous Access & Dialysis
Marseille (FR), December 11-12
ESIR 2014Prostate Embolisation
Zaragoza (ES), May 30-31
ESIR 2014Practical Approach to HIFU
Milan (IT), June 6-7
ESIR 2014Management of Resistant Hypertension: Renal Artery Denervation
Paris (FR), October 27-28
ESIR 2014Stroke Intervention
The Hague (NL), November 14-15
ESIR 2013Biopsies & Drainage Procedures
Ankara (TR), May 24-25
ESIR 2013Musculoskeletal Interventions
Athens (GR), June 7-8
ESIR 2013Tumour Ablation
Lausanne (CH), November 8-9
ESIR 2013Peripheral Arteries & Lower Extremities
Amsterdam (NL), November 15-16
ESIR 2013Embolisation
Odense (DK), April 19-20
ESIR 2013Stroke Intervention
Klagenfurt (AT), April 12-13
ESIR 2013Lung Interventions: Embolisation & Ablation
Frankfurt (DE), July 5-6
ESIR 2013Management of Resistant Hypertension: Renal Artery Denervation
Rome (IT), October 18-19
ESIR 2012Embolisation
Amsterdam (NL), April 20-21
ESIR 2012Basic Vascular
Sofia (BG), May 11-12
ESIR 2012Tumour Ablation
Novi Sad (RS), May 25-26
ESIR 2012Venous Disease
Winterthur (CH), June 22-23
ESIR 2012CLI & Diabetic Disease
Vienna (AT), October 5-6
ESIR 2012Aortic & Thoracic Stent Graft
Rome (IT), October 12-13
ESIR 2012Non Vascular Interventional Radiology
Bilbao (ES), October 19-20
ESIR 2012Biliary Percutaneous Interventions
Prague (CZ), October 26-27
ESIR 2012Liver Interventions - Tumour Therapy
Munich (DE), November 9-10
ESIR 2012Vertebral Augmentation Techniques: From Vertebroplasty to Stentoplasty
Strasbourg (FR), November 9-10
ESIR 2012Vertebral Augmentation Techniques: From Vertebroplasty to Stentoplasty
Luzern (CH), March 15-16
ESIR 2011Biliary Interventions
Amsterdam (NL), April 1-2
ESIR 2011CLI and Diabetic Disease
Budapest (HU), April 8-9
ESIR 2011Extrahepatic Tumour Treatment
Frankfurt (DE), May 6-7
ESIR 2011Basic Vascular
Bucharest (RO), June 3-4
ESIR 2011Aortic Disease
Milan (IT), June 10-11
ESIR 2011Dialysis Access & Venous Interventions
Ingolstadt (DE), July 1-2
ESIR 2011Embolisation
Rome (IT), October 14-15
ESIR 2011Liver Interventions
Porto (PT), October 28-29
ESIR 2011Drainage, Biopsies & Venous Access
Dublin (IE), November 4-5
ESIR 2010IR Treatment of Critical Limb Ischemia
Prague (CZ), April 9-10
ESIR 2010Embolisation
Rome (IT), May 7-8
ESIR 2010Stenting
Zaragoza (ES), June 4-5
ESIR 2010Advanced Vascular
London (UK), June 25-26
ESIR 2010Vascular Liver Interventions
Berlin (DE), June 25-26
ESIR 2010Spinal Interventions
Strasbourg (FR), July 9-10
ESIR 2010Biliary and Oncologic Interventions
Tbilisi (GEO), September 3-4
ESIR 2010Basic Vascular
Zagreb (HR), November 12-13
ESIR 2010Acute IR
Amsterdam (NL), November 26-27
ESIR 2010Introduction to Peripheral Vascular Interventions
Hamburg (DE), July 6-7
ESIR 2010Introduction to Peripheral Vascular Interventions – Hands-On Course,
Hamburg (DE), November 15-16
ESIR 2010Introduction to peripheral interventional procedures
Diegem (BE) June 1-2
ESIR 2010Complex SFA and BTK interventions including challenges in endovascular treatment aspects of Diabetic Foot
Diegem (BE), November 8-9
ESIR 2009Aortic Disease
Vienna (AT), May 08-09
ESIR 2009Vascular Liver Interventions
Catania (IT), June 05-06
ESIR 2009Varicose Veins
London (UK), June 26-27
ESIR 2009Basic Vascular
Heraklion (GR), July 24-25
ESIR 2009Advanced Liver Tumour Ablation
Pisa (IT), October 16-17
ESIR 2009Embolizasyon
Ankara (TR), October 23-24, 2009
ESIR 2009Venous Interventions - Haemodialysis Shunts
Ingolstadt (DE), November 13-14
ESIR 2009Lung Interventions
Heilbronn (DE), December 11-12
ESIR 2009Introduction to Peripheral Vascular Interventions - Hands-On Course
Diegem (BE), June 22-23
ESIR 2009Introduction to Peripheral Vascular Interventions - Hands-On Course
Hamburg (DE), October 12-13
ESIR 2009Advanced Techniques for treating PAOD - Hands-On Course
Diegem (BE), October 22-23
ESIR 2009Introduction to Peripheral Vascular Interventions - Hands-On Course
Hamburg (DE), December 1-2
ESIR 2008Peripheral Arterial Disease
Amsterdam (NL), March 28-29
ESIR 2008Ablation tumorale par l'image (course in French language)
Strasbourg (FR), March 28-29
ESIR 2008Aortic Diseases
Budapest (HU), May 30-31
ESIR 2008Varicose Veins
Winterthur (CH), June 20-21
ESIR 2008Image-Guided Radiofrequency Tumour Ablation
Heraklion (GR), July 18-19
ESIR 2008Non-Vascular Upper GI Interventions
Novi Sad (RS), October 10-11
ESIR 2008Embolización (course in Spanish language)
Valencia (ES), October 17-18
ESIR 2008Carotid and Renal Stenting
Prague (CZ), October 31-November 1
ESIR 2008Vascular Interventions - Basic Course
Moscow (RU), November 7-8
ESIR 2008Peripheral Interventions – Hands-On Course
Hamburg (DE), October 17-18
ESIR 2008Peripheral Interventions – Hands-On Course
Hamburg (DE), November 14-15
ESIR 2008Carotid Artery Stenting Hands-On Course
Diegem (BE), November 20-21
ESIR 2008Interventional Treatment of Peripheral Arterial Disease Hands-On Course
Diegem (BE), November 27-28
ESIR 2007Ablation tumorale guidée par l'image
March 30-31, Paris (FR)
ESIR 2007Image-Guided Radiofrequency Tumour Ablation Course
May 4-5, Brno (CZ)
ESIR 2007Basic Vascular Interventions Course
June 1-2, Budapest (HU)
ESIR 2007Advanced Vascular Interventions Course
June 15-16, Lublin (PL)
ESIR 2007Non Vascular Upper GI Interventions Course
June 22-23, Crete (GR)
ESIR 2007Image-Guided Radiofrequency Tumour Ablation Course
December 7-8, Plymouth (UK)
ESIR 2006Basic Vascular Interventions
June 23-24, Lublin (PL)
ESIR 2006Advanced Vascular Interventions
June 16-17, Kuopio (FI)

35 Year Anniversary

CIRSE celebrated its 35 year anniversary with a commemorative website featuring pictures and videos from its rich 35-year history.