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Social Media Subcommittee

In order to further enhance the CIRSE society’s online presence, the CIRSE Executive Board established the Social Media Subcommittee in 2021 to advise the Executive Committee on various aspects of its social media strategy. The subcommittee coordinates with CIRSE office liaisons to propose, develop, and support the creation of engaging content aimed at increasing the society’s visibility on social media and expanding its reach within the healthcare professional community. It also provides guidance to CIRSE office liaisons regarding the accuracy of medical information used for CIRSE’s social media activities.

The Social Media Subcommittee has played a significant role in the development of numerous social media initiatives. One such initiative is the social media takeovers, which offer insights into the daily practices of interventional radiology, raising the profile of the profession and the work of interventional radiologists. The subcommittee has also contributed to the creation of topic focus weeks, providing freely available content on specific IR topics.

Since the inception of the subcommittee, there has been a substantial increase in the number of followers across all CIRSE and ECIO social media channels. This achievement has surpassed the subcommittee’s initial benchmarking goals set at the time of its establishment.

Subcommittee members

Alex BarnacleChairperson
Evgenia Efthymiou
Julien Garnon
Miltos Krokidis
Ornella Moschovaki-Zeiger
Jim Reekers
Florian Wolf