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ETF webinars

In 2022, the European Trainee Forum will conduct six webinars featuring basic or semi-advanced content exploring different IR topics. These webinars are designed to help medical students and IRs at the beginning of their careers get familiar with various fields of interventional radiology and explain the treatments interventional radiologists can perform.

The webinars are each dedicated to a topic of the month in alignment with the ETF social media strategy for 2022 – we recommend following us on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin to learn even more about the respective topic!

All webinars will be broadcast free of charge – more information about the topics and the link to the respective webinar will be shared via the ETF social media one week prior to the date of the webinar. If you miss some of the webinars, don’t worry! All of them will be made available to watch on demand in the CIRSE Library a few days later.

Below you can see the list of all webinars, including the dates. Feel free to share this with your classmates, colleagues and friends who may be interested in joining us as well!

DateTimeWebinar topicStatus
January 2718:00 (CET)Women’s health in interventional radiologyWatch here
March 3118:00 (CET)Men’s health in interventional radiologyWatch here
April 2818:00 (CEST)Low back painWatch here
June 3018:00 (CEST)IR and diabetesWatch here
October 2718:00 (CEST)IR in liver tumoursRegister here
November 2418:00 (CET)Aortic interventionsRegister here

We look forward to seeing you there! Should you have any questions regarding the webinars, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected].

Past webinars

In 2021, the European Trainee Forum conducted 11 webinars featuring both basic or semi-advanced content on a variety of IR topics. These webinars are geared for medical students and IRs at the beginning of their career. Watch the full series here and get inspired by professional IRs!

Webinar topicStatus
Vascular interventional oncologyWatch here
Challenges in arterial and venous revascularisationWatch here
Interventional neuroradiologyWatch here
Non-vascular interventional oncologyWatch here
MSK interventionsWatch here
Embolotherapy: the non-emergency scenarioWatch here
Interventional radiology in the hepatobiliary systemWatch here
Interventional radiology in uro-nephrologyWatch here
Aortic interventionsWatch here
Embolotherapy: the emergency scenarioWatch here
New IR frontiers (Part 1): cutting-edge image guidance modalitiesWatch here