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What is ESIR?

With its first-rate practice-oriented courses, the European School of Interventional Radiology provides premier and therapy-focused educational programmes for IR professionals, helping participants stay on the cutting edge of interventional radiology.

Since 2006, these courses, led by experts in the field, have been specifically designed for experienced interventional radiologists who wish to further develop their practical skills and refine their knowledge on a particular topic.

ESIR courses to date
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Expert faculty members

ESIR courses are a transformative learning experience! They include:

• Clinical Procedure training (in-vivo animal lab trainings and/or ex-vivo / simulation training)
• Extensive “hands-on” experience on numerous devices
• A comprehensive overview of the technical specifications of currently available devices
• An extensive look at diagnosis, treatment options, and disease management
• Interactive discussions of recorded cases
• The possibility for informal discussions with experts and international delegates in a collaborative environment
• CIRSE Library topic packages hand-picked by local hosts to be studied prior to the course
• Self-assessment quizzes

Participating in an ESIR course – your opportunity to get inspired and challenge your status quo!

ESIR courses don’t just offer theoretical knowledge – they provide you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in all there is to know about the treatment options for specific indications, from hot off the press research to getting hands-on with the latest devices in the field.

Expert Faculty and Institutions

Since 2006, ESIR has featured an extensive lineup of world-renowned faculty members. Held in leading hospitals
throughout Europe, this immersive hands-on programme offers a unique opportunity to learn from experts while
connecting with a large network of participants, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.

What our participants have said

An overwhelming 98% of our course participants attest to the profound impact our courses have on their medical practice. Participants have consistently given high ratings to the quality of our hands-on training, interactive sessions, and educational content.*

*Based on the feedback of 99% of course participants between February 2022 and December 2023.


“I think the format of the course is amazing because we had lectures, hands-on modules, and it gives opportunity to exchange experience with people around the world… I think the hands-on sessions were really good because I was able to get in touch with some new technologies, even some things that we don’t have there in Brazil. It was also very nice to see how people use the same technologies we have but in different ways.”

Bárbara Nunes,
Hospital Sírio Libanês, São Paulo/BR

“ESIR Courses like Portovenous Interventions in Düsseldorf are an essential resource to keep up with the fast-growing knowledge in the field of interventional radiology. The unique mix of lectures and intensive practical sessions leave no questions open. I would highly recommend beginners and experts to join more of the upcoming ESIR events.”

Dr. Hendryk Vieweg, EBIR
Senior Consultant Radiology/Neuroradiology

“I really enjoyed the ESIR course on TACE in primary and secondary liver cancer. To be frank with you: I was overwhelmed by the vivid and open discussion between junior interventional radiologists and the international experts. In my opinion, this is a strong argument in favor of workshops like ESIR, where people do not hesitate to ask questions. Having said this, the lectures featuring the faculty’s worst complications were also outstanding and provided much information to learn from. Together with the live cases and the hands-on workshops, it was a fantastic format to get deeper insights into the complex topic of transarterial treatment of liver tumors.”

Prof. Tobias Jakobs
Local Host, ESIR 2022 course on TACE in primary and secondary liver cancer

“It was wonderful to discuss these important IR-topics with young colleagues and with experienced Interventionalist from all over the world. I took many new thoughts with me home.”

Prof. Boris Radeleff
Faculty, ESIR 2023 course on portovenous interventions of the liver