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Join the writing team

Why join the writing team?

  • Help promote the development of IR
  • Expand your personal IR network within CIRSE
  • Become a fully-trained contributor
  • Official recognition as EBIR contributor
  • Qualify for membership on the EBIR Examination Council
Contributing questions to the EBIR allows you to remain up-to-date about the newest IR procedures and refreshes your knowledge of IR in general. It also helped me rethink the way we evaluate residents and fellows in my own hospital.

Question-writing training

The EBIR provides training in question-writing for both the general clinical practice examination (A-type questions) section and the clinical case scenario examination (F-type questions) section of the EBIR exam. Trainings provide contributors with instruction in assessment theory and the knowledge to produce top-quality questions.

The online A-type question-writing training course enables EBIR contributors to complete training at their own pace online in the CIRSE Academy!

Upon completion of this free online course, participants will be able to:

  • Write effective A-type questions (single best answer multiple choice questions) for the general clinical practice examination section of the EBIR exam
  • Identify the ideal structure of examination items and recognise technical flaws in questions
  • Understand writing team roles and the writing process

An online F-type question writing training course will be made available in early 2023!

To receive training in F-type question writing, contributors must first complete A-type question writing training.

Courses are for EBIR holders only, are CME accredited, and are supported by the EBIR educationalist and expert IRs. EBIR holders commit to confidentiality before they start training.

How to apply

  1. Send an e-mail to [email protected] including whether you would like to be an A-Type or F-Type contributor
  2. If you are eligible, you will be sent an invitation for question-writing training and get access to the online training course

The contributor’s pathway – Apply your skills as part of the expert group!

The most dedicated and best-performing question writers may be offered positions on the EBIR Examination Council. This prestigious group of highly-trained experts help maintain the quality and integrity of the examination.