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CIRSE Patient Information
CIRSE Patient Information
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Patient information leaflets

CIRSE’s patient information leaflets are designed to inform patients in plain English what they can expect to experience before, during and after several common interventional procedures. From the leaflets, patients can learn

  • the purpose of the procedure
  • how they will benefit from the procedure
  • what preparations they should take in advance
  • what to expect during the procedure
  • any risks they should be aware of
  • what the follow-up plan after the procedure will look like

Sharable web PDFs for twelve common procedures are listed below. If you would like to print the full set of leaflets for sharing or display, documents containing all twelve leaflets are also available in both colour and black and white versions.

Web leaflets

Arterial angioplasty and stenting
Central venous catheter insertion - tunnelled cuffed catheters
Central venous catheter insertion – venous ports
Image-guided percutaneous biopsy
Nephrostomy and ureteric stenting
Percutaneous fluid and abscess drainage
Percutaneous gastrostomy
Percutaneous transhepatic biliary stenting and drainage
Peripherally inserted central catheters
Prostatic artery embolisation (PAE)
Transarterial chemoembolisation
Uterine artery embolisation

Printable leaflets

The below documents contain the full set of twelve patient information leaflets, avaliable in colour and in black and white.

Patient information leaflets - colour
Patient information leaflets - black and white

CIRSE is very grateful for the efforts of the Patient Information Brochure Revision Task Force in creating these leaflets.