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ETF webinars

The European Trainee Forum (ETF) webinars are designed to help medical students and IRs at the beginning of their careers get familiar with various fields of interventional radiology and explain the treatments interventional radiologists can perform.

Upcoming webinars

DateTimeWebinar topicStatus
October 1918:00 (CET)Different sides of IRRegister here

Get a glimpse of past ETF webinars by watching the trailers below.

ETF 2023 Webinar: Basic IR procedures + Case Interpretation Quiz

In the second webinar of 2023, the ETF focused on biliary, arterial, and venous interventions. The participants received practical advice on the angiography, PTA and embolization cases, as well as PTBD, biliary stenting and TACE. The presentations were supplemented by a case interpretation quiz prepared by the speakers.

ETF 2023 Webinar: Trainees and research

This webinar focuses on research in IR. A panel of experts and distinguished researchers in the field shared their experience and discussed what it takes to pursue an academic career, giving insights into the field and practical tips and tricks to participating attendees.

This webinar on IR and diabetes presented fundamental knowledge on carotid artery stenting and lower limb revascularisation; it also included case presentations to show how interventional radiology can treat diabetes.

This ETF webinar on low back pain taught the basics of treating radicular pain and vertebral compression fractures. Case presentations helped to describe the indications as well as the pros and cons of different infiltration and vertebral augmentation techniques.

This webinar illustrated the basics of varicocele and prostate artery embolisation. The indications and evidence of both procedures were discussed along with case presentations.

Past webinars

Webinar topicStatus
Basic IR proceduresWatch here
Trainees and researchWatch here
Aortic interventionsWatch here
IR in liver tumoursWatch here
IR and diabetesWatch here
Low back painWatch here
Men’s health in interventional radiologyWatch here
Women’s health in interventional radiologyWatch here
Vascular interventional oncologyWatch here
Challenges in arterial and venous revascularisationWatch here
Interventional neuroradiologyWatch here
Non-vascular interventional oncologyWatch here
MSK interventionsWatch here
Embolotherapy: the non-emergency scenarioWatch here
Interventional radiology in the hepatobiliary systemWatch here
Interventional radiology in uro-nephrologyWatch here
Aortic interventions 2021Watch here
Embolotherapy: the emergency scenarioWatch here
New IR frontiers (Part 1): cutting-edge image guidance modalitiesWatch here

We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming webinars! Should you have any questions regarding the webinars, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected].