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Artificial Intelligence Task Force

Artificial intelligence (AI) and up-and-coming digital technologies are increasingly used in healthcare. These advancements can potentially have a major impact on the medical and economical scenarios, as AI is increasingly being used in the development of algorithms that have the potential to help decision making in several specialities. In addition to the development of predictive models, AI can be used to improve image quality and reduce radiation doses, which could be of interest to IR. The opportunity to generate classifiers, including imaging biomarkers, and the relevant clinical information to improve patient selection and treatment optimization as well as treatment efficacy evaluation is essential for the future of interventional radiology and interventional oncology.

For research in the field of AI, certain framework conditions are necessary. For example, the legally compliant implementation of the European data protection guidelines is already a challenge that each research centre currently has to deal with individually. The CIRSE Executive Board has recognized the need to develop and guarantee proper and ethical research in the field of artificial intelligence in IR and established a dedicated AI Task Force in 2021.

The task force recently published the CIRSE Position Paper on Artificial Intelligence in Interventional Radiology in CVIR.

The task force is currently developing a first pilot for a research project, combining the knowledge, resources and infrastructure available within the Task Force as well as already available European collaborative platforms.

Task force members

Fernando Gómez MuñozCo-chairperson
Bernhard Meyer
Philippe Pereira
Angel Alberich-Bayarri
Roberto Luigi Cazzato
Jan Fritz
Patrick Haage
Antonio López-Rueda
Monique Maas
Arash Najafi
Maxime Ronot