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EBIR Spanish-language version

Thanks to the continuous effort in making the EBIR examination accessible to more candidates around the world, CIRSE is pleased to announce that, in collaboration with SERVEI, the EBIR examination is now offered in the Spanish language.

The examination is based on the European Curriculum for Interventional Radiology and covers all fields of vascular and non-vascular interventions as well as interventional oncology. A Spanish version of the Curriculum is available for download here.

SERVEI se complace en colaborar con CIRSE en la elaboración de la versión en español de esta importante cualificación. Hacer que el EBIR sea más accesible en el mundo de habla hispana, será un gran beneficio para los Radiólogos Intervencionistas hispanos y contribuirá a aumentar su visibilidad y reconocimiento.
I warmly welcome and support the decision of making the EBIR exam available in the Spanish language as of October 2022. In combination with the remote format, this will allow many more Spanish-speaking IRs not only from Europe, but from all over the world to certify their IR knowledge more comfortably in their native language.

Registration is open for all CIRSE members who wish to sit the European Board of Interventional Radiology (EBIR) in the Spanish language.

We would like to clarify to all candidates who would like to avail of this option that only the examination content will be in Spanish. Due to the international nature and recognition of the examination, application, examination software, feedback, appeals and any correspondence with the CIRSE office will be carried out in English.

A Spanish translation of the Marks & Standards document is available for download and contains information on the examination format, marking, results and the appeals process of the EBIR.

We invite you to browse our EBIR pages to find information on:

To apply for the EBIR examination, please complete the application form and ensure that you have all the necessary documents outlined in the entry criteria & application section ready to upload.