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EBIR German-language version

In order to make the EBIR even more more accessible, CIRSE is now offering the EBIR examination in the German language. This development is the result of a collaboration with DeGIR, ÖGIR and SSVIR. The EBIR certification enjoys great acceptance in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is also in high demand in these countries.

The examination is based on the European Curriculum for Interventional Radiology and covers all fields of vascular and non-vascular interventions as well as interventional oncology. Please find the Curriculum here.

Offering the EBIR examination in the German language is a further step towards a broad acceptance of EBIR. We are proud that this collaborative effort in offering the EBIR in the German language has made it accessible to yet more IRs.
ÖGIR warmly supports the introduction of the EBIR examination in the German language. This development will contribute to IR becoming more visible as a structured career in Austria and will also offer our members the valuable opportunity to sit the examination in their native language.

Registration is open for all CIRSE members who wish to sit the European Board of Interventional Radiology (EBIR) in German.

We would like to advise all candidates who would like to avail of this option that the examination content will be in German language. Due to the international nature and recognition of the examination, application, feedback, appeals and any correspondence with the CIRSE office will be carried out in English.

A German translation of the Marks & Standards document is available for download and contains information on the examination format, marking, results and the appeals process of EBIR.

We invite you to browse our EBIR pages to find information on:

To apply for the EBIR examination, please complete the application form and ensure that you have all the necessary documents outlined in the entry criteria & application section ready to upload.