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CIRSE junior membership

Be a part of the European IR family – Become a CIRSE Junior Member!

If you finished your undergraduate medical training no longer than 8 years ago and are currently enrolled in post-graduate training, you might want to consider CIRSE junior membership! You can apply as an individual by clicking the link below. If you would like to instead seek membership through your national society, get in touch with the respective society in your country and follow their internal proceedings for inclusion in CIRSE group membership.

In addition to the regular CIRSE membership services, CIRSE junior members enjoy extra benefits supporting IR training:

  • reduced membership fee
  • reduced registration fees for CIRSE events
  • eligibility for grants and support programmes

In short, CIRSE junior membership is an easy way for residents and IRs in training to become part of the European IR community and enjoy full benefits at a much lower cost.

If you are already a CIRSE member and would like to change your membership status to a junior member, please contact [email protected].