CIRSE 2014 Congress Newspaper

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    Saturday issue (PDF download 2.1 MB) including
  • Controversy SFA debate: the value of bioabsorbable stents
  • Interventional oncology: improving results through PET-CT advances
  • Image-guided patient selection for acute stroke treatment
  • Interventional management of hypersplenism
  • Bariatric gastric artery embolisation: a leap forward?



    Sunday issue (PDF download 2.3 MB) including
  • Gruentzig Lecture: Standard clinical guidelines for interventional oncology
  • BTK debate: Do we need embolic protection devices?
  • Renal denervation: the current evidence
  • Ablation of osteoid osteoma and osteoblastoma
  • Embolisation and BRTO for gastric or ectopic varices



     Monday issue (PDF download 2.1 MB) including 

  • Glue – a new treatment of choice for varicose veins?
  • UAE: pain and complication management
  • Intraluminal therapies for hilar cholangiocarcinoma
  • Vascular malformation classification
  • Acute lower limb ischaemia: morbidity, mortality and patient selection



     Tuesday issue (PDF download 1.6 MB) including
  • Roesch Lecture: Prostatic artery embolisation
  • Quality assessment through data collection
  • Pulmonary metastases ablation: indications and results
  • IR-relevant sedation and analgesia techniques
  • Percutaneous treatment of malignant hilar lesions