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Venous interventions

Educating delegates on how to better manage patients with vein diseases, venous interventions have been a mainstay of the CIRSE programme since becoming a dedicated track in 2015.

This year, fundamental courses will cover lower limb DVT, long-term management of venous stents, venous access and more! A case based discussion will highlight the do’s of venous interventions in children, and an expert round table will cover acute pulmonary embolism. On demand focus sessions will cover ICV filters, upper limb DVT, and portal vein recanalisation in chronic portal vein occlusion.  All on demand sessions are available in advance of the congress – watch the venous track focus sessions from September 23!

Paediatric interventions

We caught up with Dr. Anne Gill to talk about thrombolysis in children, the importance of PIR education, and her thoughts on what makes PIR uniquely rewarding.

Acute pulmonary embolism

We spoke to Dr. M. van Strijen about indications for treatment and the role of imaging in acute pulmonary embolism, as well as what endovascular treatments IRs have in their toolbox.

Don’t miss these exciting sessions!

Prof. M.W. De Haan wrote to us on what we can expect from his presentation during the lower limb DVT focus session. Scroll on to read the interview and check out other programme highlights from the venous track!

FC 2904 – Lower limb DVT

Available on demand from Sept. 23!

  • Pathophysiology
    N. Karunanithy (London/GB)
  • Imaging and patient preparation
    M. W. De Haan (Maastricht/NL)
  • Techniques for clearance of acute thrombus
    A. Wigham (Oxford/GB)
  • Procedure completion and optimising outcomes
    H. Moriarty (Melbourne/AU)

ERT 2302 – Acute pulmonary embolism

Tuesday, September 28, 11:30-12:30 CEST

  • European guidelines
  • Clinical assessment and imaging
    M. Van Strijen (Nieuwegein/NL)
  • Medical therapies
    A. Martinho (Lisbon/PT)
  • Endovascular treatment
    G. Carrafiello (Milan/IT)

CBD 1301 – Venous interventions in children – do’s and don’ts

Sunday, September 26, 17:30-18:30 CEST

  • Iliofemoral and central vein thrombolysis
    A. Gill (Atlanta/US)
  • Venous stents and filters
    N. Karunanithy (London/GB)
  • Varicose vein ablation in children
    S. Sierre (Buenos Aires/AR)
  • Complex venous access
    G. Chaudry (Boston/US)