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Aortic interventions

The CIRSE 2021 Summit will again feature IDEAS, the Interdisciplinary Endovascular Aortic Symposium. IDEAS is an integral platform for promoting aortic education and keeping an open dialogue between interventional radiology and vascular surgery, and the IDEAS programme committee has worked hard to ensure a comprehensive interdisciplinary meeting.

EVAR workshop

We spoke to Dr. Elika Kashef on the importance of the IDEAS programme, as well as on what participants can expect to take home from the EVAR Workshop.

A faculty of world-renowned experts will host focus sessions, expert round tables, and case-based discussions presenting the latest aortic technology and evidence. Stroke prevention and refining endovascular interventions for aortic arch pathology will be discussed in particular, and a new session called “Amazing aortic interventions” will show how complicated cases were solved through technology and creativity.

The IDEAS programme committee has risen to the occasion of converting the most comprehensive, interdisciplinary aortic meeting into an interactive online format, ensuring that aortic education and the dialogue between interventional radiology and surgery continued undisrupted.

Don’t miss these exciting sessions!

FS 2816 – New and evolving technology in aortic intervention

Available on demand from September 23!

  • 2816.1 Arch stent grafts
    T. Kölbel (Hamburg, DE)
  • 2816.2 Thoraco-abdominal repair
    G. Oderich (Houston, US)
  • 2816.3 Ancillary devices and techniques
    E. Verhoeven (Nuremberg, DE)
  • 2816.4 Intervention suite of the future
    B. Katzen (Miami, US)

FS 2809 – Infrarenal aneurysms: real-life challenges and solutions

Available on demand from September 23!

  • Angulated and/or short neck: how planning and procedure tips can improve outcomes
    T. Trabold (Stuttgart, DE)
  • Iliac aneurysms: endovascular strategies
    M. Matson (London, GB)
  • Can the use of stent-grafts outside IFU still be justified?
    R. Lakshminarayan (Hull, GB)
  • Open vs. endovascular repair: decision-making algorithm
    P. Desgranges (Créteil, FR)

FS 2805 – Aortic arch interventions

Available on demand from September 23!

  • Computational flow dynamics (CFD) of the current arch stent grafts; lessons learned and unanswered questions
  • Different techniques for creating stent graft fenestration
    R. McWilliams (Liverpool/GB)
  • Are off-the-shelf arch-branched devices an imminent reality?
    N. J. Mosquera (Santiago de Compostela/ES)
  • Is there still room for hybrid arch repair?
    V. Riambau (Barcelona/ES)

CBD 1404 – Amazing aortic interventions

Monday, September 27, 08:30-09:30 CEST

  • Case topic 1
    T. Kratimenos (Athens/GR)
  • Case topic 2
    A. Holden (Auckland/NZ)
  • Case topic 3
    V. Riambau (Barcelona/ES)
  • Case topic 4
    T. A. Resch (Copenhagen/DK)

ERT 1604 – Safety and durability in TAAA

Monday, September 27, 11:30-12:30 CEST

  • Open repair is a more durable option
    F. Vermassen (Gent/BE)
  • Hybrid repair remains a valid solution
    R. Gibbs (London/GB)
  • Branch and fenestration technology should be the gold standard
    C. Van Rijswijk (Leiden/NL)
  • Chimney techniques are not a failed experiment
    A. Winterbottom (Cambridge/GB)

… and many more!