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In memoriam – Prof. Rita Golfieri

The interventional radiology community lost a friend, colleague, and beloved mentor with the too-early passing of Prof. Rita Golfieri in mid-May.

Prof. Golfieri was a capable, determined, ambitious doctor. She was always ready to develop projects and take on new challenges, transforming them into opportunities and successes for herself and those around her. Her incredible career path, hundreds of published articles, half a dozen reviewer positions, and active participation in societies and meetings near and far give a good illustration of Prof. Golfieri as a professional, but they only tell half of her story.

Her life was dedicated to work, teaching, and a sense of responsibility to her colleagues and patients. She passed on these values to everyone she worked with and was a role model for many generations of young radiologists.

She was an integral figure in the Italian and European IR communities. The last years of her brilliant professional and academic career were spent as the director of the Radiology Department of the University Hospital of Bologna.

The path for women in IR was even more challenging at the start of Prof. Golfieri’s career than it is today. Her commitment, presence, and contributions to IR served as a visible example of the value that women IRs bring, and she fought with great energy and determination to change the status quo. Throughout it all, her strong character and adaptability shone through.

With the passing of Prof. Golfieri, interventional radiology has lost a great professional who was an inspiration for all. Her contributions to developing the discipline and encouraging its diffusion on national and international levels will continue to positively impact the lives of patients for years to come. She has left a lasting impression on everyone who had the honour of working with her.

Prof. Golfieri speaking at CIRSE 2012 in Lisbon
With the radiological department in Bologna 
Prof. Golfieri with her diagnostic and interventional radiology research group at the University of Bologna
Alongside colleagues at CIRSE 2012
Helping out the archaeology department with some CT scans in Bologna