CIRSE 2013 Congress Newspaper

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Saturday issue (PDF download 2.4MB) including
  • Renal denervation
  • Desmoid tumours: a new frontier in IR
  • IR training and certification    
  • New stent technologies for the biliary tract
  • Sedation and analgesia in IR


Sunday issue (PDF download 2.9 MB) including
  • Stroke therapy: training and involvement
  • Gruentzig Lecture: Endovascular sealing for AAA - Evolution or Revolution?    
  • Pancreatic applications of IRE    
  • Prostate embolisation in 2013    
  • CIRSE Considers the Evidence - SFA interventions


Monday issue (PDF download 2.6 MB) including 

  • BTK interventions: the evidence   
  • Thermally sensitive doxorubicin carriers  
  • Debate: do multi-layered stents have a role in aortic aneurysm?    
  • Super-aortic arterial trauma   
  • The rationale for the VIST trial 


Tuesday issue (PDF download 2.5 MB) including
  • Roesch Lecture: HIFU - an IR tool for the future?
  • IR after nephron-sparing surgery  
  • GIST tumours: a new clinical application for IR
  • Patient selection for upper limb DVT
  • Debate: is lysis/thrombectomy for acute iliofemoral DVT justified?