CIRSE 2012 Congress Newspaper

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Saturday issue (PDF download 1.5 MB) including

  • Off-label use of devices
  • TACE and Radioembolisation: competitors or complimentary?
  • Angioplasty of transplant renal artery stenosis
  • Update on stroke revascularisation results
  • Paediatric percutaneous nephrostomy and ureteric interventions


  Sunday issue (PDF download 1.7 MB) including
  • HIFU in pancreas and liver
  • The case for vertebral augmentation
  • The limitations of EVAR
  • Infiltrations and RF in disc treatment
  • Visceral artery aneurysms: epidemiology and indications



Monday issue (PDF download 1.4 MB) including

  • TACE and anti-angiogenic therapy
  • UAE for adenomyosis
  • Embolisation of lung cancer: is there a role?
  • Splenic trauma embolisation
  • A branched/fenestrated solution for aortic arch disease?



Tuesday issue (PDF download 1.1 MB) including

  • Training in interventional oncology
  • IR research: paving the way for success
  • Renal denervation for therapy-resistant hypertension
  • Infrapopliteal PTA and bare stents: what the trials show
  • The future of simulation