Product Launches



The CIRSE Annual Meeting has become the number one platform for minimally-invasive image-guided procedures worldwide. Every year, corporate key players in the field choose CIRSE to launch their innovative new products. Please find below information of this year’s product launches.

Please note that the information has been provided by the corporate partners and does not reflect the opinion of CIRSE nor does it engage our responsibility. CIRSE is not responsible for the published content or content published on any third party website.



Passeo-35 HP - High Pressure Balloon Catheter

Expanding the ever growing PTA Balloon Catheter offering, BIOTRONIK has recently launched the Passeo-35 HP, a High Pressure OTW 0.035” Balloon Catheter (manufacturer Creagh Medical). This device is capable of achieving RBP’s up to 27 atm.

The Passeo-35 HP is robustly engineered to dilate resistant lesions in complex anatomy. Its flexible balloon material is designed to conform to vessel curvature, minimizing vessel straightening during high pressure inflations. Passeo-35 HP design aims to minimize axial and radial balloon expansion; avoiding excessive barotraumas; while providing excellent stability during inflation.

BIOTRONIK Peripheral Vascular Intervention is pleased to offer the Passeo-35 HP, OTW 0.035” High Pressure Balloon Catheter in diameters 3-12 mm and lengths 20-100 mm with RBP’s up to 27 atm


Passeo-35 OTW 0.035” Balloon Catheter

Building on the success of the Passeo-35 and in response to a dynamic market, BIOTRONIK now offers this trusted device in longer balloon lengths up to 200mm, which may facilitate treatment of long lesions in a single inflation. BIOTRONIK’s innovative manufacturing process capabilities made it possible to maintain 5F introducer sheath compatibility for the balloon diameters 3-7 mm up to 200 mm and 6F compatibility for the balloon diameters 8-10 mm.

BIOTRONIK Peripheral Vascular Intervention is proud to offer 200 mm stents and balloons, on 0.018” and now also on 0.035” platforms. The Passeo-35 has excellent synergies with other 0.035” guide wire compatible devices in the portfolio, namely Dynamic Balloon Expandable Stent, Astron Self Expanding Stent and Pulsar-35 Self Expanding Stent.

The Passeo-35 available in diameters 3-10 mm and lengths 20-200 mm now represents the state of the art PTA Balloon Catheter at your hands.




PVA Foam Embolisation Particles

Cook Medical has received CE Mark approval for the use of its PVA particles in the treatment of symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Prostatic artery embolisation (PAE) is a minimally invasive alternative to surgery. In PAE, small particles are injected into the blood vessels that supply the prostate. The particles block the blood so that it doesn't reach the overgrown prostatic tissue. Blocking the blood reduces the size of the prostate and relieves symptoms.

Cook Medical’s PVA Foam Embolisation Particles can be used during PAE. In the largest global patient trial to date, the particles have shown positive short- and mid-term results and have provided durable relief of BPH symptoms.*

*Pisco JM, Rio Tinto H, Campos Pinheiro L, et al. Embolisation of prostatic arteries as treatment of moderate to severe lower urinary symptoms (LUTS) secondary to benign hyperplasia: results of short- and mid-term follow-up [Epub ahead of print January 31, 2013]. Eur Radiol. 2013.


New Advance 18 LP Balloon Dilatation Catheter Sizes

Cook Medical launches an extensive number of new lengths and diameters of the popular low-profile PTA balloon dilatation catheter Advance 18LP, expanding the general treatment possibilities.
Advance 18 LP features a flexible tip that enhances your ability to navigate tortuous vasculature and has an enhanced rewrap technology, which provides a better sheath compatibility.
Advance 18LP is now available in 200 different size-, length-, and shaft configuration options making it one of the broadest balloon offerings on the market.



Emprint™ the new microwave ablation system from Covidien