Submit to CVIR

Not sure if you should submit your manuscript to CVIR? Here are a few reasons why you should. 

Publish your work in a renowned and well-established journal

CVIR is the oldest journal dedicated to interventional radiology. Over the years, the journal has established itself as a key source of cutting-edge information from the field. The quality of its content is reflected in its current impact factor of 2.191.

Get an unbiased decision on your manuscript, fast

CVIR’s Editorial Team is dedicated to providing authors with clear and unbiased feedback on their manuscripts as quickly as possible. The average submission to first decision time is currently just 26,6 days.

Send your manuscript around the world

CVIR submissions come from all four corners of the globe and its readership extends well beyond Europe’s borders. This makes CVIR the international platform for interventional radiology. 

Leave your manuscript in good hands

The collective expertise of CVIR’s Editors and Reviewers means that submitted manuscripts are always in good hands. Manuscripts are only reviewed by experts on the topic covered.  

Submit your manuscript to CVIR by visiting: http://www.editorialmanager.com/cvir

Should you have any further questions regarding manuscript submissions, please contact , please contact the Journal’s Editorial Office (JEO) using the “Contact Us” function in the main menu of Editorial Manager.

Should you have general inquiries about the journal, please contact CVIR Editorial Office at info@cvironline.org.