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Intra-arterial therapy of liver tumours (CME) – online course


Authors: P. Lucatelli and F. Basilico

Reviewers: F. Cornelis, L. Crocetti, B.J. Gonçalves, C. Nice and R. Uberoi

This course caters to specialist learners with advanced knowledge in IR.



Liver cancer (LC) is one of the most common causes of mortality and health problems worldwide. There are two main types of liver cancer: primary liver cancer, which originates in the liver (HCC, cholangio, sarcoma, etc.), and secondary liver cancer, which spreads to the liver after developing from the colon, breast, pancreas, ovaries or lungs. The treatment of neoplastic liver diseases benefits from surgical, percutaneous and endovascular procedures. This course aims to exhaustively describe all the points necessary to understand hepatic neoplastic pathology, and select, treat and subsequently follow up with patients according to the recent guidelines available.  All endovascular procedures available to interventional radiologists will be described in detail, and the possible complications and their management will then be defined. The results obtained in the literature will be presented in order to understand the indications and to offer the best endovascular technique.


Learning objectives

  • Identify the key technical points in treating different liver cancers
  • Describe the procedure step-by-step
  • Indicate the best treatment modality
  • Illustrate potential complications
  • Synthesise follow-up management
  • Evaluate treatment success


Further information

This course is designed for specialists, who have extensive medical experience, having seen at least 200 patients in clinic and completed at least 250 advanced IR procedures in addition to the 150 basic procedures.

The format of the course is interactive and easy to use, including texts, graphics, videos and a quiz to support your learning. The course duration is around two hours and is accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME) to award 2 European CME credits (ECMEC). The CME accreditation for this course will expire on November 14, 2024. A non-CME accredited version of the course will remain available for two more years.

The acquired CME Certificate will be available in the myCIRSE area under CIRSE Academy.

The enrolment period of this course is linked to the validity of the All-Access Pass.

Release date: November 2022