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OnlineCIRSE WebinarsKidney cryoablation: looking for the right path of collaboration

Kidney cryoablation: looking for the right path of collaboration

How urologists and IRs should collaborate for the benefit of the patient

June 29, 2023, 17:00-18:00 CEST

Renal cancer is responsible for 3-5% of adult neoplasms; while established surgical therapies such as radical or partial nephrectomy are invaluable to the treatment of kidney cancer, percutaneous ablative techniques represent a highly advantageous, nephron-sparing alternative.

Our upcoming webinar on kidney cryoablation seeks to highlight not only the marked benefits of percutaneous ablative techniques on renal tumours but also to shed light on the importance of cooperation between the fields of urology and interventional radiology. This webinar will explore how a collaborative, individually tailored approach to renal cell carcinoma can render innovative and highly positive therapeutical outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To increase the collaboration within the urologist and interventional radiologist community.
  2. To provide literature data that can be used in MDT meetings.
  3. To discuss details on how to start and build RCC practice.


Welcome and Introduction
Moderator: Alice Schroeder (Strasbourg/FR)

Guidelines and collaboration between urologists and IRs
Tommy Nielsen (Aarhus/DK)

Building an RCC practice
Dimitrios Filippiadis (Athens/GR)

Expectations for MDT discussion from a urologist point of view
Alice Schroeder (Strasbourg/FR)

How it usually starts
Kristina Ringe (Hanover/DE)

Panel discussion

Closing remarks
Moderator: Thomas Kröncke (Augsburg/DE)


Thomas Kröncke
Thomas Kröncke
Alice Schroeder
Alice Schroeder
Dimitrios Filippiadis
Dimitrios Filippiadis
Tommy Nielsen
Tommy Nielsen
Kristina Ringe
Kristina Ringe

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