News on Stage

The aim of this session format is to allow physicians to showcase the latest results from multi-centric trials, ground-breaking techniques and many more IR hot topics in an informal and open atmosphere. The presentations will be displayed in a dedicated open area next to the exhibition, giving delegates the opportunity to engage in active, lively discussions.

Saturday, September 16

NoS 404 Vascular News on Stage



Accelerated thrombolysis for post-thrombotic syndrome using the acoustic pulse thrombolysis EkoSonic® Endovascular system (ACCESS PTS) study: initial results of a multi-centeric study
M.J. Garcia1, M.R. Jaff2, S. Kahn3, K.M. Sterling4, A. Comerota5, K. Ouriel6; 1Wilmington, DE/US, 2Boston, MA/US, 3Montreal, QC/CA, 4Alexandria, VA/US, 5Toledo, OH/US, 6New York, NY/US
Randomized clinical trial to compare ultrasound-enhanced delivery of paclitaxel and DEB in patients with critical limb ischemia and femoral-popliteal disease: outcome of the PACUS trial after 18 months
R. Gandini1, C. Del Giudice2; 1Rome/IT, 2Paris/FR
Multicenter feasibility study of microwave radiometry thermometry for noninvasive differential diagnosis of critical limb ischemia in diabetic patients
S. Spiliopoulos1, C. Lalenis1, L. Reppas1, K. Palialexis1, C. Konstantos1,
K.N. Katsanos2, P.M. Kitrou2, V. Theodosiadou2, P. Davlouros2, E. Siores3,
D. Karnabatidis2, E. Brountzos1; 1Athens/GR, 2Patras/GR, 3Bolton/UK
Supervised exercise therapy versus percutaneous angioplasty versus combined angioplasty and exercise for intermittent claudication: systematic review and Bayesian network meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
M. Pantelidou1, K.N. Katsanos2, R. Brar1, S. Patel3, A. Diamantopoulos1,
H. Zayed1; 1London/UK, 2Patras/GR, 3Eh/UK

Peripheral endovascular interventions using human Thiel-embalmed cadavers with extracorporeal flow for medical device testing, development, and training
H.M. McLeod; Dundee/UK

Sunday, September 17

NoS 1204 Embolisation News on Stage

Sublingual glyeryl trinitrate improves prostate artery visibility on CTA performed preoperatively for prostate artery embolization
A. Macdonald, M.W. Little, P. Boardman, C.R. Tapping; Oxford/UK

Are formal urodynamic studies an essential investigation prior to prostate artery embolisation (PAE)?
D. Maclean, B. Maher, T. Drake, J. Dyer, M.R. Harris, S. Modi, T.J. Bryant,
N. Hacking; Southampton/UK

A common woodchuck (Marmota monax) as a model for hepatic embolization
D.L. Woods, W. Pritchard, S.A. Leonard, J. Esparza, I. Bakhutashvili, A. Mikhail,
E. Levy, V. Krishnasamy, J. Karanian, B.J. Wood; Bethesda, MD/US

Embolization of the geniculate arteries is a safe and effective treatment for recurrent hemarthrosis following TKA
L.J. van Baardewijk, Y. Hoogeveen, I. van der Geest, L.J. Schultze Kool; Nijmegen/NL

CT liver perfusion for hepatocellular carcinoma nodule detection and follow-up after trans-arterial chemoembolization and comparison with hepato-specific contrast MRI: work in progress
A. Hatzidakis, K. Perisinakis, E. Chryssou, G. Kalarakis, E. Savva, A. Karantanas; Iraklion/GR

When the prostatic artery does not originate from hypogastric branches, what to do for attaining good results in prostatic artery embolization?
A.G. Rampoldi1, F. Barbosa1, C. Migliorisi1, M. Solcia1, R. Vercelli1,
P. Brambillasca1, S. Secco1, A. Galfano1, V.C.D.P. Rodrigues2, A. Assis2,
A.M. Moreira2, A. Bocciardi1, F.C. Carnevale2; 1Milan/IT, 2Sao Paulo/BR

Monday, September 18

NoS 2005 Scientific News on Stage

Does chronic outward force of nitinol stents in SFA trigger restenosis? Interim report of the BIOFLEX-COF study
M.A. Funovics; Vienna/AT

Two-year results from the IN.PACT global studies and outcomes in patients with diabetes
M. Brodmann1, G. Ansel2, T. Zeller3, A. Micari4, P. Peeters5, G. Tepe6; 1Graz/AT, 2Columbus, OH/US, 3Bad Krozingen/DE, 4Cotignola/IT, 5Bonheiden/BE, 6Rosenheim/DE

Outcomes following subintimal recanalization of chronic total occlusions: a subset analysis of the IN.PACT global CTO imaging cohort
G. Tepe1, T. Zeller2, M. Brodmann3, A. Micari4, P. Peeters5, G. Ansel6; 1Rosenheim/DE, 2Bad Krozingen/DE, 3Graz/AT, 4Cotignola/IT, 5Bonheiden/BE, 6Columbus, OH/US
Stellarex drug coated balloon: science insights and evidence updates
P. Krishnan; New York, NY/US
Radioembolization practices in Europe in 2017 – a survey among CIRSE members
M.L. Smits, E. Mees, M.T.M. Reinders, R.C.G. Bruijnen, M.G.E.H. Lam; Utrecht/NL

The Lutonix AV trial: Interim 18 month results of a randomized trial of drug coated balloons in hemodialysis arteriovenous fistulae
S.O. Trerotola, for the investigators of the Lutonix AV clinical trial;
Philadelphia, PA/US

Tuesday, September 19

NoS 2804 Interventional Oncology News on Stage

Proof of concept of a gene-directed enzyme prodrug therapy with intra-arterial delivery of mesenchymal stem cells in a rabbit VX2 hepatic tumor model
O. Pellerin, I. Amara, P. Beaune, I. de Waziers, C. Déan, M.R. Sapoval; Paris/FR

Idarubicin-loaded DC Bead® for chemoembolization of HCC: interim analysis of IDASPHERE II (FFCD 1307) multicenter single-arm phase II trial
B. Guiu1, P. Chevallier2, P. Merle3, M.-A. Pierredon Foulongne1, A. Rode3,
A. Bouvier4, O. Guillaud3, P.-J. Valette5, J. Dumortier3, J.-P. Joly6,
E. Nguyen Khac6, T. Yzet6, M. Lartournerie7, J.-C. Barbare6, M. Boulin7,
S. Manfredi7; 1Montpellier/FR, 2Nice/FR, 3Lyon/FR, 4Angers/FR, 5Pierre Benite/FR, 6Amiens/FR, 7Dijon/FR

Prospective clinical and pharmacological evaluation of the Delcath System's second generation (GEN2) hemofiltration system in patients undergoing percutaneous hepatic perfusion with melphalan
T.S. Meijer, E.M. De Leede, M.C. Burgmans, C.H. Martini, F.G.J. Tyl, J. Vuyk,
A.R. van Erkel, C.J.H. van der Velde, E. Kapiteijn, A.L. Vahrmeijer; Leiden/NL

Chemoembolization adopting polyethylene glycol drug-eluting embolics loaded with doxorubicin for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma
C. Aliberti1, R. Carandina1, D. Sarti2, E. Pizzirani1, G. Ramondo1, L. Mulazzani2,
G. Fiorentini2; 1Padova/IT, 2Pesaro/IT

Pharmacokinetic profile of irinotecan in patients with liver metastases from colorectal cancer treated with unilobar or bilobar drug-eluting microsphere chemoembolization
G. Maleux1, H. Prenen1, T.K. Helmberger2, U. Martens3, P.L. Pereira3; 1Leuven/BE, 2Munich/DE, 3Heilbronn/DE

Transarterial chemoembolization of hepatocellular carcinoma with 100±25-μm and 200±25-μm Lifepearl microspheres: short-term follow-up and safety profile
R. Argirò1, C. Cirelli1, M. Corona1, P. Lucatelli2, F. Fanelli1, C. Catalano1,
M. Bezzi1; 1Rome/IT, 2Siena/IT