Stroke thrombectomy

Stroke thrombectomy represents a new frontier for interventional radiologists. The number of patients suffering from this pathological condition is increasing, and, as a consequence, it is necessary for interventional radiologists to participate in these procedures. For this, it is essential to have abundant experience as well as excellent knowledge of anatomy and the techniques and materials to be used.

Participants of this Hands-on Device Training will have the chance to familiarise themselves with the most common thrombectomy devices.


Tuesday, September 19  
ST-HDT 1 09:30-11:00
ST-HDT 2 12:30-14:00

Coordinators: K.A. Hausegger (Klagenfurt/AT), H. van Overhagen (The Hague/NL)

Location: HDT Room 2

Corresponding workshop:
Monday, September 18  
WS 2202: Revascularistation in
acute ischaemic stroke