Hot Topic Symposia

The Hot Topic Symposia address controversial IR topics in the setting of a plenary session.

Invited speakers will give brief lectures on important aspects of the subject under discussion.
A major feature of these sessions will be a round-table discussion involving the speakers and the audience.

Monday, September 18

HTS 2102 Radiation protection: burning issue
2102.1 Radiation protection: are you prepared for the new legislation in 2018?
  E. Vano (Madrid/ES)
Is there a real radiation hazard for young female doctors entering interventional radiology?
  C. Cousins (Cambridge/UK)
2102.3 Paediatric intervention: how to keep radiation exposure low?
  G. Bartal (Kfar-Saba/IL)
2102.4 How to select the most appropriate personal protection?
  A.M.H. Sailer Karmann (Maastricht/NL)

Tuesday, September 19

HTS 2902 Prostate artery embolisation: ready for prime time?
2902.1 Current evidence
  L. Hechelhammer (St. Gallen/CH)
2902.2 Technique
  F.C. Carnevale (São Paulo/BR)
2902.3 Patient selection: which are the most suitable patients
  J. Golzarian (Minneapolis, MN/US)
2902.4 Challenges and obstacles
  N. Hacking (Southampton/UK)