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US-guided thermal ablations of benign thyroid nodules

As more and more evidence emerges in favour of its efficacy, the demand for thyroid thermal ablation of benign thyroid nodules has increased in recent years. In spite of this, very few centres in Europe currently provide such treatments. To help ensure that physicians are able to educate themselves on this topic, CIRSE and ETA have joined forces and organised the very first webinar focusing on thyroid thermal ablation, which will be held in May 2021.

Physicians taking part in this webinar, put together by Dr. Giovanni Mauri and Prof. Laszlo Hegedüs, will learn about current indications for treatment, different methods of thyroid ablation including that of laser and radiofrequency, and gain insight into the pertinent literature on this topic. Also included in the webinar: two case presentations showing how to manage laser and radiofrequency ablation.

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This webinar is brought to you in collaboration with the European Thyroid Association.

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May 18, 2021, 16:00-18:00 CEST

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This webinar is available free of charge to all interested parties. All you need is your CIRSE login details. Don’t have a CIRSE account yet? Not to worry! It only takes two minutes to set up a new account which will enable you to register.


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Who should attend?

This webinar is aimed at interventional radiologists and endocrinologists who wish to learn about current practice related to US-guided thermal ablation for benign thyroid nodules.

What to expect from the webinar?

  • General background on nodular thyroid disease
  • Current indications and guidelines for US-guided thermal ablation in benign thyroid nodules
  • Technical aspects of the most widely used ablation methods and their application in the treatment of benign thyroid disease
  • Update on efficacy and side-effects of the aforementioned ablation methods
  • Overview of current literature on the topic


All sessions will be moderated by hosts L. Hegedüs (Odense/DK) from ETA and G. Mauri (Milan/IT) from CIRSE.

Laszlo Hegedüs
Laszlo Hegedüs
Giovanni Mauri
Giovanni Mauri

Special thanks to our corporate partners for their support and collaboration in making this webinar possible through an unrestricted grant provided without any attempt to influence the webinar’s programme, subjects for discussion, content or choice of faculty members. The programme has been compiled at the sole discretion of an independent programme committee.

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