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The European Trainee Forum

The European Trainee Forum – ETF – is not only the framework for all CIRSE activities related to IR trainees, residents and young IRs, but also a European network and community of all IRs in training and affiliated to CIRSE. The ETF has an inclusive approach and participation in most ETF events and activities do not require a membership or prior participation.

ETF: Empowering IR’s next generation

Introducing the European Trainee Forum – ETF! Launched by CIRSE in 2015, the ETF aims to encourage the participation of interventional radiology trainees and residents in scientific and educational activities throughout Europe.

What the ETF does for trainees, residents and young IRs

The ETF’s primary purpose is to enhance the participation of young physicians in international scientific and educational activities and to create a space within CIRSE to further their careers through networking opportunities. For this, the ETF organises a number of events and activities at CIRSE congresses and beyond, ranging from sessions and social activities all the way to career support.

In addition, the ETF aims to increase CIRSE’s understanding of national differences and particularities in IR training to deliver effective support for anyone on their way to becoming part of the IR community.

The ETF Subcommittee

The European Trainee Forum Subcommittee (ETFS) is the governing body of the European Trainee Forum and represents European trainees, residents and young IRs within CIRSE.

What the ETF Subcommittee does:

  • Represents the next generation of IRs
  • Coordinate all ETF activities
  • Advise and support the leadership of CIRSE with all matters relating to IR Training and all early stages of a European IR’s career
  • Facilitates communication between national IR trainee organisations
  • Helps with CIRSE’s mentoring activities and Students’ Programme.
The ETF Subcommittee at CIRSE 2017 (not pictured: S. Protto R. Benz A. Bibok R. Cazzato R. Dezman G. Healy C. Minoiu P. Paprottka)
Gregory MakrisGBChairperson
Sara ProttoFIDeputy Chairperson
Robyn Melanie BenzCH
Andras BibokHU
Roberto CazzatoFR
Rosa CervelliIT
Rok DežmanSI
Carla Gonzalez JunyentES
Gerard HealyIE
Jan-Jaap JanssenNL
Gitte Maria JorgensenDK
Costin MinoiuRO
Luka NovoselHR
Philipp Marius PaprottkaDE
Michal PolovincakCZ
Daniel PutzerAT
Krzysztof PyraPL
Fatemeh SakhiniaUK
Lidewij SpeltSE
Maria TsitskariGR
Nuno Vasco CostaPT
Carl Erik MarkhusNO