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Terms & ConditionsTerms and conditions for CIRSE 2022 corporate partner participation

Terms and conditions for CIRSE 2022 corporate partner participation

Conclusion of contract

This contract (herein referred to as Contract) is concluded between the CIRSE Congress Research Education GmbH, Neutorgasse 9, 1010 Vienna, Austria (herein referred to as CIRSE), and the corporate partner (herein referred to as Corporate Partner) and is valid for the CIRSE 2022 – CIRSE Annual Congress (herein referred to as Event) with regard to the Corporate Partners’ purchase of exhibition spaces, marketing and promotion opportunities as described in the Exhibitor Invitation and Partnership Brochure (herein referred to as Sponsor Items).

Event & Sponsor Items

Details of the Event, its organization as well as further information on the Sponsor Items are contained in this brochure (the Exhibitor Invitation and Partnership Brochure) which includes the booking forms.


In order to purchase Sponsor Items, the booking forms, as contained in the Exhibitor Invitation and Partnership Brochure, are to be filled in, signed with a legally competent signature and submitted on time. All bookings submitted by the Corporate Partner are binding. Submission of booking forms to CIRSE shall not constitute the conclusion of a formal agreement according to which Corporate Partners are admitted to the Event. CIRSE may reject bookings without giving reason. Terms and conditions of the Corporate Partner are rejected explicitly. The Contract is concluded upon acceptance of the booking by CIRSE in writing (for example in form of an invoice or booking confirmation issued by CIRSE).


Invoices for the bookings are issued by CIRSE. CIRSE is entitled to request advance payments from Corporate Partners. Prices are per item and excluding VAT.

All rates are in EUR.

Exhibitors’ Manual

Prior to the Event, Corporate Partners will receive the Exhibitors’ Manual, which includes additional information and detailed regulations, which are mandatory for the Corporate Partner’s Event participation.


Event as well as Sponsor Items shall only be used to exhibit and advertise the Corporate Partners own products, yet not to sell products of any kind. Orders for products which are taken shall be in accordance with applicable legislation covering such orders. All promotional activities inside or outside the Event other than the normal stand activities performed at the exhibition booth as well as the organisation of any sessions, meetings, workshops, group demonstrations or social functions during as well as right before and after the period of the Event are subject to prior approval by CIRSE. Fees as listed in the Exhibitor Invitation and Partnership Brochure apply to all product presentations or symposia-like activities, regardless of whether they take place inside or outside the Event and irrespective of whether they are organised through CIRSE or not. Such activities must be communicated to CIRSE in writing in their initial stages of planning. Corporate Partners shall avoid organising any meetings which may conflict with the official Event programme.

Location, date and time

CIRSE has the right to revise the form (online, hybrid, in-person), location, date and time, to limit the duration of and to cancel the Event. Any change in the length, date, time or venue of the Event shall neither entitle the Corporate Partner to withdraw from the Contract, to request lowering of fees, nor to enforce indemnity claims.

Repayments will be granted in case the Event (in particular the industry exhibition) does not take place in-person, but online only, however only if and insofar as stipulated in the Exhibition and Partnership Brochure.


Corporate Partners shall be liable for all self-induced damages, along with those caused by their staff, their visitors and clients or by any agents acting on their behalf. In all such cases, the Corporate Partner shall indemnify and hold harmless CIRSE. Corporate Partners are advised to take out adequate insurance. Neither CIRSE, nor one of their officers, agents, employees or other representatives shall be held liable for, and shall be hereby released from, any damage, loss, harm, or injury to the person or property of the Corporate Partner or any of its visitors, officers, agents, employees or other representatives, resulting from the Corporate Partner participation in the Event, unless such damage, loss, harm or injury was caused by CIRSE through wilful misconduct.

In case of CIRSE rendering advertising services, Corporate Partners shall be responsible for the content of the advertisement. CIRSE is under no obligation to examine advertising content provided by Corporate Partner.

The Corporate Partner shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless CIRSE and its respective officers, agents, employees or other representatives, from any and all claims, loss and costs of any kind which might result or arise from any action or failure to act on the part of the Corporate Partner or its officers, agents, employees, or other representatives.

Sponsor Fees and cancellation policy

Fees for Sponsor Items are applicable as defined in the Exhibitor Invitation and Partnership Brochure. For Exhibition Space Rental and Learning Centre Space Rental a nonrefundable part payment of 50% is required upon booking confirmation and receipt of invoice. The remaining amount is due upon receipt of the final invoice, at the latest four (4) months before the start of the Event. For all other Sponsor Items orders submitted are binding and cannot be cancelled. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. All payments must be made without charges to the beneficiary. In case of delayed payment, ten per cent (10%) default interest per annum shall be charged.

Cancellation by Corporate Partner

Cancellation fees shall apply if Corporate Partners wish to renounce from taking part in the Event: A 100% cancellation fee applies if bookings for Exhibition Space Rental and Learning Centre Space Rental are cancelled within four (4) months prior to the Event. A 50% cancellation fee applies if bookings are cancelled earlier than four (4) months prior to the Event. All other Sponsor Items for which orders have been submitted are binding and cannot be cancelled.

All fees are per item, excluding VAT and in EUR.

Cancellation of Event by CIRSE

In the case of cancellation of the Event, CIRSE will refund any received funds from the contracted amount minus the accrued costs of the event incurred by that time. If accrued costs are not covered by the already made payments at the time the Event is cancelled, CIRSE can request that the difference be paid, but the total sum requested cannot exceed the sum of the booking.

Cancellation of Contract by CIRSE

With immediate effect, CIRSE may cancel the Contract and accordingly exclude any Corporate Partner from the Event who infringes the Contract. Corporate Partner shall be liable for the entire Sponsor Item fee and for all incidental expenses and damages occurred, plus legal value added tax.

Final Stipulations

CIRSE may entrust a professional exhibition management company to organise and facilitate planning, building and dismantling of the Event. Any rescission of the Contract, especially due to error and breach exceeding or falling short of half the true value, shall be waived by the Corporate Partner. All verbal agreements, individual permissions and special arrangements shall only be valid upon receipt of written confirmation. The competent court in Vienna (Inner City), Austria shall have exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this Contract, except that CIRSE may upon its own discretion choose to refer to the competent court in the country in which the Corporate Partner is established. The Contract is subject to Austrian law without reference to its conflict of law provisions.