Press releases

Press release: IR in diabetes and cancer care

Highlighting two of the leading themes at CIRSE 2011, a press release detailing the contribution of IR to the care of diabetes and cancer patients was sent to the German Press Agency (Deutsche Presse-Agentur, DPA).

DPA press release (PDF download 37 KB)


Round-table discussion

Following the highly successful and well attended round-table discussion at CIRSE 2011, the following report was issued as a German-language press release:

Re port of round-table discussion (PDF download 28 KB)


IR information

CIRSE has produced a number of press releases that may be useful for our media partners, in both English and German. These include a general introduction to IR, the most common disease types that IR treats, and some general information on CIRSE.


English language press releases:

Introduction to IR (PDF download 238 KB)    Fibroid embolisation (PDF download 149 KB)
Oncology and IR (PDF download 372 KB) Pain therapy and IR (PDF download 140 KB)
Stroke and IR (PDF download 80 KB)            Vascular Interventions (PDF download 128 KB)
Diabetes and IR (PDF download 185 KB) CIRSE Info (PDF download 81 KB)


Presseinformationen, Deutsch:

IR Einleitung (PDF download 207 KB)                Myomembolisation (PDF download 152 KB)
Onkologie und IR (PDF download 208 KB) Schmerztherapie und IR (PDF download 154 KB)
Schlaganfall und IR (PDF download 187 KB) Vaskuläre Interventionen (PDF download 135 KB)
Diabetes und IR (PDF download 218 KB) CIRSE Infos (PDF download 87 KB)