Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe


Subcommittees are established by the Executive Committee and provide continuous expertise in specific medical topics as assigned to them by the Executive Committee.

Endovascular Subcommittee

The Endovascular Subcommittee was formally constituted in 2016 to advise the Society on questions related to endovascular therapies, and to develop and launch projects that will support IR in this field. The Endovascular Subcommittee has conducted a large survey on clinical practice in IR and is currently working on certification and accreditation processes for endovascular specialists.

Michael LeeChairperson
Miguel Casares Santiago
Pascal Chabrot
Fabrizio Fanelli
Mohamad Hamady
Konstantinos Katsanos
Hong Kuan Kok
Stefan Müller-Hülsbeck
Thomas Rodt
Florian Wolf

European Trainee Forum (ETF) Subcommittee

The ETF Subcommittee was established in 2015 with the aim to provide expertise on IR training and career development, representing CIRSE Junior Members and other IRs in training at the beginning of their career. The Subcommittee actively supports the next generation of IRs through dedicated activities and networking opportunities at the Annual Congress. Learn more about the ETF.

Gregory MakrisGBChairperson
Sara ProttoFIDeputy Chairperson
Robyn Melanie BenzCH
Andras BibokHU
Roberto CazzatoFR
Rosa CervelliIT
Rok DežmanSI
Carla Gonzalez JunyentES
Gerard HealyIE
Jan-Jaap JanssenNL
Gitte Maria JorgensenDK
Costin MinoiuRO
Luka NovoselHR
Philipp Marius PaprottkaDE
Michal PolovincakCZ
Daniel PutzerAT
Krzysztof PyraPL
Fatemeh SakhiniaUK
Lidewij SpeltSE
Maria TsitskariGR
Nuno Vasco CostaPT
Carl Erik MarkhusNO

Oncology Alliance Subcommittee (OAS)

The Oncology Alliance Subcommittee was established in 2013 to advise the CIRSE leadership on all questions relating to interventional oncology, guide the Society’s activities with regards to IO registries and to propose and develop initiatives that will help IO establish itself as the fourth pillar of cancer care. Flagship projects initiated by the OAS include IASIOS, CIRSE’s membership in ECCO and the IO Curriculum.

Andreas AdamChairperson
Thierry de Baère
José Ignacio Bilbao
Alban Denys
Afshin Gangi
Thomas Helmberger
Liz Kenny
Riccardo Lencioni
Philippe Pereira

Radiation Protection Subcommittee

The Radiation Protection Subcommittee was established in 2012 as the Society’s expert body on radiation safety, radiation protection and dose management. In 2014, the Subcommittee launched CIRSE’s very successful annual awareness campaign for radiation safety, the Radiation Protection Pavilion. The Subcommittee also represents CIRSE in the EuroSafe Imaging campaign and in relevant European Commission tenders.

Werner JaschkeChairperson
Elias Brountzos
Patrick Haage
Mario Bezzi
Fabrizio Fanelli
Efstathios Efstathopoulos
Eliseo Vano
Gabriel Bartal
Reinhard Loose
Graciano PauloExternal Advisor
Madan RehaniExternal Advisor
Erich SorantinExternal Advisor