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Central venous access (2022 – CME) – online course


Authors: T. Rodt and E. Kehagias

Reviewers: Z. Aldin, A. Basile, B. Gebauer, C. Nice and G.J. O’Sullivan

This course corresponds to chapter Central Venous Access in the European Curriculum and Syllabus for Interventional Radiology.



Central venous access (CVA) is one of the most frequently performed procedures in interventional radiology and, therefore, the quality of medical care and service provided in these ostensibly easy procedures is projected onto the perception of interventional radiology as a whole by referring physicians, patients and the public. To give an example of the enormous caseload: more than 400,000 ports are implanted per year in the USA alone.

“Venous access devices” (VADs) include non-tunnelled and tunnelled central catheters (including peripherally inserted central catheters (PICC) and totally implantable (TI) VADs or “ports”). Arm VAD placement is a further valuable option for vascular access. This course is intended to review the relevant anatomy for VAD placement, indications for the different devices, the technique of placement, possible complications and their management.


Learning objectives

  • What are the indications for Central venous access (CVA) placement?
  • What are the different Venous access devices (VAD) subtypes?
  • What is the relevant anatomy?
  • Where should the tip of a central venous catheter be positioned?
  • Which access techniques are used?
  • Which techniques are used for implantation of each VAD type?
  • What are the major complications and how are they managed?


Further information

This course covers a basic level of IR knowledge and is designed for trainees, students or young consultants aiming to acquire essential knowledge or prepare for the EBIR exam. Thereby, it is tailored to the European Curriculum and Syllabus for Interventional Radiology and corresponds to chapter Central Venous Access.

The format of the course is interactive and easy to use, including texts, graphics, videos and a quiz to support your learning. The course duration is around two hours and is accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME) to award 2 European CME credits (ECMEC). The CME accreditation for this course will expire on December 9, 2024. A non-CME accredited version of the course will remain available for two more years.

The acquired CME Certificate will be available in the myCIRSE area under CIRSE Academy.

The enrolment period of this course is linked to the validity of the All-Access Pass.

Release date: December 2022