Radiation Protection Pavilion 2018: How to make your angio suite smart and safe!

Thank you for visiting the Radiation Protection Pavilion – CIRSE’s interactive awareness campaign for radiation protection and dose management – in Lisbon and for making it such a great success!

The Radiation Protection Pavilion 2018 in numbers:

  • 28 short talks by world-leading experts
  • 10 industry partners supporting the initiative
  • 1 online self-assessment quiz


Is your radiation protection knowledge up to date? Listen to the CIRSE 2018 RPP talks or take our quiz to find out!

     RPP Quiz


Let’s talk about radiation safety

Interventional radiologists are exposed to high levels of radiation in daily practice, and so face particular health risks. Through its short history, the Radiation Protection Pavilion has seen a very successful campaign to create awareness of the often neglected issue of lens opacities.


Get expert advice

Visitors at the 2018 RPP had the chance to learn about the health hazards linked to occupational radiation exposure listening to one of the various mini talks provided by our subcommittee and industry partners.


Explore state-of-the-art protective technologies

Attendees also had the change to discuss the latest products for protection and dose management with select industry partners, who were on hand to address any questions.



Stay tuned!

Browse the press reviews and information material to find out more about this unique campaign and the Radiation Protection Subcommittee’s efforts to raise awareness.


For more impressions of the Pavilion, browse the CIRSE Gallery or download the information material .

RPP information material




We would like to thank our corporate partners as well as our international collaboration partners, in particular ESR’s EuroSafe Imaging Campaign, for actively supporting the Radiation Protection Pavilion.

The 2018 Radiation Protection Pavilion was proudly supported by: