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Task forces

In line with CIRSE’s Articles of Association, the Executive Committee can establish expert groups to tackle specific tasks or projects that will help advance interventional radiology. These task forces work towards a specific objective in a defined time frame.

Artificial Intelligence Task Force

The Artificial Intelligence Task Force was created to conduct research in the clinical use of up-and-coming digital technologies and AI, which have the potential to help decision making, improve image quality and reduce radiation doses. The AI Task Force aims to create a network of societies and industry partners that are active in this field.

Fernando Gómez MuñozCo-Chair
Bernhard Meyer
Philippe Pereira
Angel Alberich-Bayarri
Sean Benson
Roberto Luigi Cazzato
Amandine Crombé
Jan Fritz
Gerard S Goh
Patrick Haage
Antonio López-Rueda
Monique Maas
Arash Najafi
Eoin O'Malley
Maxime Ronot

Patient Information Brochure Revision Task Force

The Patient Information Brochure Revision Task Force was created to keep CIRSE’s patient information brochures up-to-date.

Anthony RyanChairperson
Diego CataniaEFRS representative
Katerina Koulia
Aina Kratovska
Christian Loewe
Pierleone Lucatelli
Marion MaherEFRS representative
David Maudgil
Sonyia McFaddenEFRS representative
Aneeta Parthipun
Sapna Puppala
Maria Tsitskari

IO4IO Task Force

The IO4IO (Interventional Oncology for Immuno-Oncology) Task Force was created with the objective of promoting interventional oncology in the setting of immuno-oncology treatments, elaborating design trials integrating interventional oncology in immuno-oncology, supporting research in IO4IO, and creating further awareness in the interventional radiology – interventional oncology field.

Rafael DuranCo-Chairperson
Boris GuiuCo-Chairperson
Dirk Arnold
Gosse Adema
Alban Denys
Nahum Goldberg
Antoine Italiano
Lana Kandalaft
Markus Löffler
Uwe Martens
Philiippe Pereira
Lambros Tselikas