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Task Forces

In line with CIRSE’s Articles of Association, the Executive Committee can establish expert groups to tackle specific tasks or projects that will help advance interventional radiology. These Task Forces work towards a specific objective in a defined time frame.

Analgesia and Sedation Task Force

Following the publication of the results of a CIRSE member Survey on Anesthesia Practices for Interventional Radiology in Europe, the Analgesia and Sedation Task Force was established with the objective of drafting an official CIRSE position on sedation and analgesia in IR procedures, covering gaps in currently available literature.

Fabrizio FanelliCo-Chairperson
Stefano RomagnoliCo-Chairperson
Michael Lee
Andreas H. Mahnken
Enrique Esteban Hernandez
Peter Thomas Nielsen
Johannes T. A. Knape

Patient Liaison Task Force

Supporting CIRSE’s effort of promoting the enhancement of clinical practice among IR colleagues and at the same time increase patients’ awareness of IR therapies, a dedicated Task Force was established in 2018. The two main objectives of this Task Force will be to identify relevant patient organisations that can particularly benefit from IR therapies, and to propose joint projects.

Name Role
Marco van StrijenChairperson
Reto Bale
Julien Garnon
Andreas H. Mahnken
Nicholas John Railton

IO Curriculum Task Force

With interventional oncology (IO) rapidly establishing itself as the fourth pillar of modern cancer care, CIRSE is keen on contributing to standardised training and qualification path-ways. The IO Curriculum Task Force was established to draft a dedicated IO Curriculum, which will cover a broader spectrum of additional knowledge for IRs wanting to gain deeper knowledge in IO. The IO Curriculum will be complementary to the European Curriculum and Syllabus for IR.

Name Role
Thierry de BaèreChairperson
Guillaume Louvel
Jean Palussière
Lukas Hechelhammer
Franco Orsi
Max Seidensticker
Pramod Rao
Maxime Ronot
Bruno Sangro
Otto van Delden
Raman Uberoi
Georgia Tsoumakidou
Andrés Cervantes

IR Curriculum for Medical Students Task Force

In the framework of CIRSE’s continued support to the next generation of IR, the first edition of the IR Curriculum for Medical Students was published in 2012. Following the revision of the European Curriculum and Syllabus for IR, which was completed in 2017, a Task Force was established to revise the Student Curriculum, and to produce engaging material to promote interventional radiology among medical students.

Christoph BinkertChairperson
Gregory Makris
Roberto Cazzato
Arash Najafi
Jan-Jaap Janssen
Fatimeh Sakhinia

Prostate Artery Embolisation Task Force

The results of UK ROPE, the first multicentre observational study performed on pelvic artery embolisation (PAE) for patients suffering from lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) were presented at CIRSE 2017. Following the conclusion of this study, CIRSE received several expressions of interest to scientifically sponsor a European-wide registry on PAE. In order to determine the scientific need for and value of such an observational study and assess its feasibility from CIRSE’s point of view, the CIRSE Executive Committee has put together this task force of leading experts to conduct an in-depth assessment of these proposals as a basis of the society’s future decision-making.

Marc C. SapovalChairperson
Tiago Bilhim
Nigel Hacking
Lukas Hechelhammer
Carlos Lanciego
Tarun Sabharwal
Florian Wolf

Patient Information Brochure Revision Task Force

The Patient Information Brochure Revision Task Force was created to keep CIRSE’s patient information brochures up-to-date.

Anthony RyanChairperson
Diego CataniaEFRS representative
Katerina Koulia
Aina Kratovska
Christian Loewe
Pierleone Lucatelli
Marion MaherEFRS representative
David Maudgil
Sonyia McFaddenEFRS representative
Aneeta Parthipun
Sapna Puppala
Maria Tsitskari