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Next Research: CIRSE’s own CRO

As part of CIRSE’s commitment to improving patient care through the support of science and research the society established its own in-house research infrastructure in 2013. Following the successful design and conduct of several projects, CIRSE decided to take the next step in the evolution of its research activities established its own dedicated CRO – Contract Research Organisation “Next Research” in 2021.

Next Research was established to support the conduct of high-quality clinical research projects and is equipped to provide a reliable and efficient way to manage the complex process of clinical research, from study design to data collection, analysis, reporting and dissemination.

By establishing a CRO, CIRSE is able to offer its members access to a dedicated team of experienced research professionals who can help manage their clinical research projects. The CRO team is skilled in all aspects of clinical research, including protocol development, project management, data analysis, and medical writing.

In addition to providing support to CIRSE’s members, Next Research also helps to ensure the quality and integrity of the research conducted. The team follows rigorous ethical and regulatory guidelines to ensure that all research projects are conducted with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Through the establishment of an in-house CRO, CIRSE has been able to support its members in conducting high-quality clinical research projects that have the potential to improve patient care and outcomes and advance medical knowledge. CIRSE is proud of the work conducted with the support of Next Research and remains committed to supporting its members in their research endeavours.