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The new Paediatric Interventional Radiology Task Force

May 30, 2023

Children are not just tiny adults – and minimally invasive procedures in children often require specialized training, techniques, and devices. Though the landscape of paediatric interventional radiology (PIR) is evolving and expanding across Europe, many mainstream IRs still feel underprepared to treat the smallest of patients.

Practitioners who focus on PIR as their primary discipline are a devoted and highly motivated group, but challenges and questions persist.

It remains unclear who delivers PIR across Europe, what procedures they do, and how they do them. Standards of practice are lacking and no network is in place for lone operators to collaborate or support each other.

With these challenges in mind, CIRSE has launched a new task force – the Paediatric IR Task Force. Co-chaired by Dr. Alex Barnacle and Dr. Ralph Gnannt, this task force hopes to clarify how PIR is defined and practiced throughout the continent, and to unite a network of PIRs in the effort to support, encourage, and drive clinical excellence in PIR on both local and international levels. (Click here to view the full task force.)

The Paediatric IR Task force should work as a central platform within CIRSE to connect physicians who are performing PIR in Europe and around the world. It should also raise awareness of PIR as a growing field, and create standards of practice for small patients.
Children deserve the same access to IR as all our other patients. Data is severely lacking in PIR; we hope this taskforce will start to address that.

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