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The European Trainee Forum in 2023 – and beyond!

June 5, 2023

We caught up with ETF Subcommittee Chairperson Dr. Roberto L. Cazzato for a quick chat during this year’s ETF networking event at ECIO 2023.

The European Trainee Forum Subcommittee (ETFS) is the governing body of the European Trainee Forum and represents European trainees, residents and young IRs within CIRSE. The subcommittee represents the next generation of IRs, coordinates ETF activities, and advises the CIRSE leadership on all matters relating to IR training and the early stages of IR careers throughout Europe. It also facilitates communication between national IR trainee organisations and helps with CIRSE’s mentoring activities and students’ programme.

CIRSE: Tell us about your history with the ETF – when did you join the subcommittee? How were you elected chairperson?

Cazzato: I started in 2016 as the national representative for France –the ETF was still a relatively small committee then, but it was during this time that we started to structure ourselves into several different working groups, which is now the main way we function. I integrated one of these working groups, and we as a committee started to increase the number of members’ activities, we provided contributions for the CIRSE student syllabus, etc. We started little by little, and now just a few years later, the ETF numbers 50 people and the activities that we provide are many and varied. It was great to get to be there from the beginning up until now, when the committee is really well established, and to work in several different areas. I have seen a great evolution over the last few years, and I’m quite happy with the job we have done.

I became the chairperson of the ETF in 2020. The way that this works is that you put yourself forward as a candidate for the position, then it’s the outgoing subcommittee chairpersons who give their recommendation, and the CIRSE Executive Board makes the final decision among candidates. I presented my project (see below) and it was selected.

Dr. Cazzato presents at ECIO 2023.
Members of the ETF at ECIO 2023 in Stockholm.

CIRSE: What are your plans for 2023?

Cazzato: It will be our last year as leaders of the ETF, Dr. Desmond (Rok Dežman, ETF Subcommittee Deputy Chairperson) and me. We are planning to close our era in the ETF in September, so it’s now just a few months that we have left ahead of us. We want to make sure in these months that all the projects that we have started are going to be finished, and that the incoming leadership can take over the ongoing projects to ensure that those too will be finalised. We have had quite an increase in members in the past few months, and we are trying to pass on to them the same spirit that we have felt in this community; that we are a large family, with projects that can be accomplished thanks to the collaboration amongst all of us.

CIRSE: What do you hope for the future of the ETF?

Cazzato: I hope that the committee will continue to be a source of inspiration for CIRSE as a whole. Some of the ideas that we have proposed have been taken up and incorporated by the society, and I’d like to see this pattern continue. I believe that the energy that the ETF brings to the society can continue to motivate and help CIRSE improve in the future.

Recent ETF projects

Dr. Cazzatto and Dr. Dežman have kept very busy indeed during their tenure at the head of the ETF – their projects and activities included:

  • Creating a database for all ETF members, including their contacts and their clinical area of expertise, along with any extra-clinical skills that may be useful for ETF activities (e.g., video-making, spoken languages, IT expertise, statistics, web design, etc.)
  • Redesigning of the ETF webpage
  • Improving presence and impact on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, with an Instagram page for students)
  • Answering the need for IR knowledge among medical students by organising a series of clinical webinars and preparing educational materials for students
  • Facilitating the Student Internship Programme
  • Organising a Global IR Juniors Summit in collaboration with partner IR societies
  • Designing the Trainee Programme at CIRSE Annual Congress
  • Supporting Student Programme activities at the CIRSE Annual Congress
  • Establishing collaboration with the leading medical students’ associations: IFMSA and EMSA

Additionally, over the past two years, the ETF sent surveys both on medical student’s perspectives on IR and on international mobility in IR. They also conducted an interview series with leaders in the field, focusing on women in IR, and translated CIRSE’s Patient Information Leaflets into 13 languages – and counting!

The ETF at CIRSE 2023

The CIRSE Annual Congress offers a remarkable chance for trainees, residents, and young IRs to enhance their education. Additionally, it allows them to connect and socialize with interventionalists from around the world. We extend a warm welcome to all trainees to join us at the IR meeting of the year!

Trainees can enjoy multiple career-boosting opportunities – from expanding their knowledge in interventional radiology at sessions and lectures to practical experience through hands-on device trainings and exploring the latest devices showcased by industry leaders.

As an addition to the regular scientific programme, the ETF organizes a dedicated trainee programme, including social events, networking opportunities, recommended sessions, and ETF short talks on a variety of topics. Click here to learn more about the ETF at CIRSE 2023!