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Interview with Dr. Inger Keussen

April 12, 2023

We spoke to Dr. Inger Keussen, Chairperson of the ECIO 2023 Local Host Committee, to hear more about her thoughts on ECIO, the history and current status of interventional radiology in Sweden, and more. ECIO 2023 will take place in Stockholm from April 16-19.

“The ECIO 2023 programme includes a variety of presentations from world-famous, knowledgeable lectures. I look forward to attending these and I also hope to find many interesting abstracts. The latest promising research in the field gives me hope for future treatment methods.”

CIRSE: Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Keussen: My name is Inger Keussen. I am an interventional radiologist and associate professor, presently working in the department of radiology at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm. My hospital has more than 15,000 employees and a little more than 1,000 beds. Most of my training in interventional radiology was completed in Lund, Sweden. My main interests are IO procedures, education, and spreading information about IR. Until recently, I served as the president of the Seldinger Society of Vascular and Interventional Radiology in Sweden.

CIRSE: What is the status of IO and IR in Sweden?

Keussen: The Seldinger Society has provided a certification for interventional radiologists in Sweden since 2017. IR is not a recognized subspecialty in our country, but the certification provides quality assurance of speciality training. Many common IR procedures are performed in district general hospitals, but advanced IO procedures are mostly performed in tertiary referral centres. Collaboration with clinicians and other specialities is important, and personalized treatment for the patients is discussed and planned during MDTs.

CIRSE: How is the ECIO 2023 local host committee working to promote ECIO? Do you expect holding ECIO in Stockholm will have an impact on IR and IO in the region?

Keussen: Information about ECIO 2023 has been distributed through the Seldinger Society to its members via our websites, social media, and personal e-mails. The Swedish Society of Radiology has published information on its website and in the journal “Imago Medica.” Information has also been spread by the members of the local host committee to their hospitals, including informing radiology residents. The Nordic IR communities have been informed by mail, and we intend to contact newspapers and TV to report from the congress. Hopefully, the congress in Stockholm will provide more information to radiologists, other colleagues, and patients on what we can achieve with IO procedures.

CIRSE: What are you personally most looking forward to at ECIO 2023?

Keussen: The ECIO programme includes a variety of presentations from world-famous, knowledgeable lecturers. I look forward to attending these, and I also hope to find many interesting abstracts.  Hearing about new procedural tips and tricks from experienced colleagues is always exciting and will add knowledge to my daily work. The latest promising research in the field gives me hope for future treatment methods, subsequently helping patients. During the congress I will also exchange experiences and information with colleagues in the international IR/IO community. I’m also looking forward to seeing innovative new tools that may facilitate procedures and treatments which will be on display at the industry exhibition.

CIRSE: What do you feel that the global community should learn from Swedish IOs and IRs?

Keussen: The simple but ingenious Seldinger technique was invented in Sweden in the 50s and is used during thousands of interventional procedures every day around the globe. Some of the pioneers of IR were from Sweden and many young IRs have been trained here. At the conference, I hope experiences will be exchanged and possibilities for international collaboration will be developed.

CIRSE: What are your top picks that even the busiest congress attendee should be sure not to miss while in Stockholm?

Keussen: Surrounded by water, Stockholm is called the “Venice of the North”, also hailed as “Beauty on water.”  I highly recommend walking along Strandvägen out to Djurgården, the park that used to be the recreational hunting area for the king. Many museums, including the outdoor museum of “Skansen” are located in Djurgården. Stockholm has more than 80 museums, of which the Wasa museum is the most famous. My favourite is “Millesgården”, a sculpture park with fountains and flower plantings, beautifully located on Lidingö. When hungry in Stockholm, you have the choice of nearly 1000 restaurants. For the gourmet, nine restaurants in Stockholm have been awarded one Michelin star or more. Of course, popular places require your reservation in advance. Don´t forget to try the delicious “Räkmacka” a Swedish shrimp sandwich!