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ESIR in 2023 – an engaging and successful start to the year!

May 8, 2023

The European School of Interventional Radiology has provided 120 premiere and therapy-focused educational programmes in 24 countries for IR professionals since 2006. ESIR is off to a strong start in 2023, with three fully-booked courses having already taken place this year – and there are several more on the way! 

The inaugural 2023 course, Critical Limb Ischaemia hosted by Prof. Fabrizio Fanelli, took place in Florence and welcomed delegates from 16 countries. In addition to theoretical presentations, this course included several video cases provided by Dr. Roberto Ferraresi and Dr. Mariano Palena which helped participants see a wide array of CLI cases they may encounter in their practice, resulting in several engrossing Q&A sessions. The course also included 10 workshops over two days, allowing participants to handle current devices and speak with experts in greater depth.

Later in February, the ESIR returned to the Institute of Image-Guided Surgery in Strasbourg, France for the Ablation from A-Z: Liver and Kidney hosted by Prof. Afshin Gangi. The course provided an overview of all currently available ablation technologies, and participants were able to fine-tune their practical skills in the animal lab. A unique session on ablation robotics led by Dr. Roberto L. Cazzato and Prof. Julien Garnon added an additional layer of depth to the course. Missed this course? Catch the next Ablation from A-Z: Lung and MSK course in October!

In March, the ESIR travelled to Milan for the fourth installment of the Prostate Embolization course hosted by Dr. Antonio Rampoldi. The course provided a broad overview of prostate embolization through video cases provided by Prof. Rampoldi and Prof. Tiago Bilhim, and lectures by multidisciplinary experts, which resulted in a wonderful repartee between experts and delegates. New to this course was a session of rotating workshops on catheters, microspheres, and entry point management; and simulators a virtual environment in which participants could practice the procedure in a virtual setting with experts throughout the course.

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ESIR at ECIO 2023

ESIR was present at this year’s ECIO with a booth – and a special opportunity! In cooperation with Mentice, the booth hosted the ESIR IO TACE Championship which allowed participants to test their transarterial  chemoembolization skills through one simulated case. Competitors were scored on their total time, fluoroscopy time, non-target embolization, and total contrast volume. All 17 spots on the competition roster were filled, but only three competitors could win the prize – free registration to an ESIR course! Congratulations to:

  • 1st place: Dr. Yan-Lin Li, Oxford University Hospitals
  • 2nd place: Dr. Mehmet Fatih Inecikli, Bursa Uludag University School of Medicine
  • 3rd place: Dr. Harshit Bansal, Tata Memorial Hospital
ECIO attendees compete in the ESIR TACE Championship

Up next

There’s so much more still to learn at ESIR courses in 2023! Browse the upcoming courses below, or visit the ESIR landing page here.

Strasbourg, France
May 25-26, 2023
Local Host: R. Iezzi, P. Lucatelli
Venue: IHU – Institute of Image-Guided Surgery Strasbourg
Registration open

Düsseldorf, Germany
June 15-16, 2023
Local Host: P. Minko
Venue: University Hospital Düsseldorf
Fully booked – wait list available

Milan, Italy
October 5-6, 2023
Local Host: G. Mauri, F. Orsi
Venue: European Institute of Oncology
Registration open

Strasbourg, France
October 19-20, 2023
Local Host: A. Gangi
Venue: IHU – Institute of Image-Guided Surgery Strasbourg
Registration open

Strasbourg, France
November 16-17, 2023
Local Host: C. Binkert
Venue: IHU – Institute of Image-Guided Surgery Strasbourg
Registration open

Maribor, Slovenia
December 6-7, 2023
Local Host: J. Lučev, S. Breznik
Venue: University Medical Centre Maribor
Registration open