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CIRSE travels to PAIRS

March 22, 2023

The annual meeting of PAIRS, the Pan Arab Interventional Radiological Society took place this year from February 11-14 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Since 2006, PAIRS has worked towards strengthening and unifying interventional radiology in the Arab world and surrounding regions, and became a CIRSE group member in 2021.  Several prominent CIRSE dignitaries and members travelled to Dubai for PAIRS 2023 to present, exchange, and strengthen global IR connections.

CIRSE executive board and committee members were present for an aortic summit at the conference, “IDEAS session with CIRSE” – CIRSE President C. Binkert spoke on type II endoleaks, and IDEAS Chairperson E. Verhoeven presented on the current evidence and future directions of bridging stents in fEVAR/BEVAR. B. Aldhafery, M. Hamady, H. Kobeiter, and R. Morgen were also present, giving presentations in the session and participating in the panel discussion.

CIRSE Past-President A. Gangi gave one of the keynote lectures at the congress, titled “Changing landscape of IO.” He spoke about how much change and development he has personally witnessed in IO since his start as an IR, and the range of interventions now treatable. He also highlighted how essential teamwork and multidisciplinary collaboration is to IR and IO, sharing how he has seen the evolution over time from different departments keeping cases to themselves to now applying a more collaborative approach.

CIRSE’s ETF also participated in a quiz against the PAIRS juniors – with PAIRS and CIRSE leadership serving as the jury in customized tee-shirts!

Leadership from CIRSE and PAIRs signed an MoU regarding the EBIR.
PAIRS won the junior’s quiz…. this time.
Prof. Tiago Bilhim presents during the CVIR writing workshop.

CVIR Scientific Writing Workshop

CIRSE’s journals, CVIR and CVIR Endovascular, teamed up with AJIR, the official journal of the Pan Arab Interventional Radiology Society, to host a scientific writing workshop ahead of the congress. The workshop was suited both for researchers early in their careers looking to gain practical skills as well as for experienced researchers wishing to fine-tune their writing.

Participants were able to learn about tools for maximising the visibility of their research, gain insider tips from experts on how to improve their writing, brush up on international reporting guidelines, and improve their scientific English.

CVIR’s next writing workshop will take place on the occasion of APSCVIR 2023 – click here for more details!

New EBIR collaborations

The European Board of Interventional Radiology (EBIR) was also on-site in Dubai with a well-attended booth. On February 11, CIRSE and PAIRS leadership signed a memorandum of understanding that consolidates the common effort to promote the examination and facilitate access for their members. Click here to read more on this!