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May 17, 2023

The 17th annual scientific meeting of the Asia Pacific Society of Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology (APSCVIR) took place from April 12-15 in Seoul, Korea. Several representatives of CIRSE travelled to Seoul to present, meet, and participate in the four days of discussion and exchange on IR.

APSCVIR is an international organization bringing together interventional radiologists from across the Asia Pacific region. A collaborative effort between 16 organized members, the society was formed in 1991 to unite IRs from around the region and connect with other societies, such as CIRSE, from around the globe.

CVIR Editor-in-Chief Prof. Klaus Hausegger, CVIR’s embolization section editor Prof. Tiago Bilhim, and Prof. Robert Morgan, one of CIRSE’s former presidents, were all present in Seoul to participate in a CVIR writing symposium, an “APSCVIR meets CIRSE” session, and more.


Moderated by APSCVIR 2023’s vice president, Prof. Chang Won Kim, and Prof. Hausegger, this session included both scientific updates and information on CIRSE as a society.

Prof. Tiago Bilhim presents during the APSCVIR meets CIRSE session
All photos courtesy of @KSIR
Prof. Klaus Hausegger and Prof. Chang Won Kim moderated the session
Prof. Robert Morgan presents on the EBIR

Prof. Morgan gave an update on drug-eluting devices for lower limb arterial disease, as well as a on recent developments for the European Board of Interventional Radiology (EBIR), which is now offered in a remote format with several language options.

Prof. Hausegger’s presentation tacked the question of how far we have come (and have yet to go) with regards to transarterial treatment of acute ischemic stroke. He also gave attendees of the wider congress a glimpse of what they could be enjoying at a CVIR writing workshop, with a presentation called “Why are manuscripts rejected – the experience of the CVIR Editor-in-Chief.”

Prof. Bilhim also spoke on the journal, drawing on his experience as a CVIR section editor to give tips and tricks for reviewing manuscripts. He also gave a scientific presentation titled “Liver regeneration strategies prior to major hepatectomies: an update.”

The APSCVIR meets CIRSE session, along with many other scientific sessions, will remain available to registered participants for three months post-congress.

The CVIR Scientific Writing Symposium at APSCVIR 2023

CVIR began hosting writing workshops last year to give hopeful authors the chance to hone their skills through the advice of experts.

Congress attendees who were working on a paper or simply interested in scientific writing were invited to attend this session. Organized by Prof. Hausegger, Prof. Bilhim, and Prof. Chang Jin Yoon (CVIR’s regional editor from Korea), topics included international reporting guidelines, structuring a manuscript, and how to define valid research questions and topics.

Prof. Chang Jin Yoon opens the CVIR writing symposium
All photos courtesy of @KSIR
A participant contemplates his paper during the CVIR writing symposium at APSCVIR 
Prof. Tiago Bilhim presents during the writing symposium. 

The next CVIR writing workshop will take place during ET 2023 and will be hosted by Prof. Hausegger and Prof. Raman Uberoi (CVIR Deputy Editor-in-Chief); it will be offered exclusively to the best ranked abstract submitters and poster award winners.

CIRSE sends congratulations to APSCVIR on another fantastic meeting and many thanks for the invitation!