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Company-sponsored Satellite Symposia take place at lunchtime as well as in the morning and in the evening. They provide cutting-edge information on interventional equipment and techniques.

Satellite Symposia Programme
as per August 7, 2018

Saturday, September 22, 2018   TOP 

13:00-14:00, Auditorium 8
  Biotronik AG
SY 401
InteREACTive debate on CLI treatment, a multidisciplinary approach for multilevel disease
  Debate on CLI treatment options between panel and audience based on pre-recorded challenging cases
  Moderators: K. Deloose (Dendermonde/BE), J.C. van den Berg (Lugano/CH)
  Panellists: Y. Gouëffic (Nantes/FR), M. Lichtenberg (Arnberg/DE), G. Tepe (Rosenheim/DE) 
13:00-14:00, Room 3.A
  PharmaCept GmbH
SY 402 Updates 2018: DSM-TACE in lung-Ca, ICC and HCC
  Moderators: R. Iezzi (Rome/IT), T.J. Vogl (Frankfurt/DE)
Regional chemoperfusion and -embolisation of primary and secondary lung tumours: present and future
  T.J. Vogl (Frankfurt/DE)
402.2 TPCE with DSM: systematic analysis of local and systemic effects in a porcine model
  P. Isfort (Aachen/DE)
First survival data for patients with recurrent ICC treated with DSM-TACE after liver resection
  P. Bruners (Aachen/DE)
402.4 DSM-TACE for locally advanced HCC  experiences of Berlin and Rome
  A. Gross (Berlin/DE), R. Iezzi (Rome/IT)
  Q & A
13:00-14:00, Auditorium 2
SY 403 Emerging clinical applications in interventional radiology
  Moderators: H. Kobeiter (Créteil/FR), J.M. Pisco (Lisbon/PT)
403.1 Perfusion angiography: a new outcome parameter for revasularisation
  J.A. Reekers (Amsterdam/NL)
403.2 Advanced 3D imaging in prostatic artery embolisation
  T. Bilhim (Lisbon/PT)
403.3 The role of automatic feeder detection in TACE
  H. Kobeiter (Créteil/FR)
16:15-16:35, Room 3.A
  Qmedics AG
SY 609
Should we ignore the moveability of our arteries? Towards the development of a novel movement-specific stent portfolio
Should we ignore the moveability of our arteries? Towards the development of a novel movement-specific stent portfolio
  M. Ferraro (Flurlingen/CH)
Sunday, September 23, 2018   TOP 
08:00-08:20, Auditorium 2
  Endologix International B.V.
SY 802 Durability with Ovation: results from the ENCORE analysis
  Moderator: L. Maene (Aalst/BE)
An introduction to ENCORE: a contemporary analysis of 1296 patients
  A. Holden (Auckland/NZ)
Clinical experience and lessons learned with Ovation
  P. Szopinski (Warsaw/PL)
08:00-08:20, Raum 3.A
  Straub Medical AG
SY 803
Safe and effective treatment of occluded veins with purely mechanical thrombectomy
  Moderators: M. Lichtenberg (Arnsberg/DE), R. Loffroy (Dijon/FR)
Single and multicentre data on treatment of iliofemoral DVT with mechanical thrombectomy
  M. Lichtenberg (Arnsberg/DE)
Overview of treatment strategies for iliofemoral DVT. The different clot removal devices-pros and cons
  T. Heller (Rostock/DE)
11:30-12:30, Auditorium 1
  Boston Scientific
SY 1102
The growing evidence base on drug eluting technologies: a new focus on drug eluting stent
  Moderator: M.J. Lee (Dublin/IE)
1102.1 The breaking results of the IMPERIAL randomised control trial of Eluvia vs Zilver PTX
  S. Müller-Hülsbeck (Flensburg/DE)
1102.2 Insights into drug delivery in preripheral arterial disease
  Y. Gouëffic (Nantes/FR)
1102.3 Taking Eluvia to below the knee. The SAVAL trial design
  H. van Overhagen (The Hague/NL)
1102.4 Taking Eluvia into critical limb ischaemia. The Munenster experience
  T. Bisdas (Münster/DE)
1102.5 Evidence based algorithm for peripheral arterial disease interventions
  K.N. Katsanos (Patras/GR)
11:30-12:30, Auditorium 8
SY 1103
SIR-Spheres Y-90 resin microspheres continuously improving outcomes for patients
  Moderators: T.K.  Helmberger (Munich/DE), R. Sharma (London/UK)
  Welcome and introduction
1103.1 mCRC: evidence and safety for SIR-Spheres Y-90 resin microspheres versus TACE
  H. Mehrzad (Birmingham/UK)
1103.2 HCC: upregulation of the immune response with SIR-Spheres Y-90 microspheres
  B. Sangro (Pamplona/ES)
HCC: new insights for better patient selection and treatment strategies with SIR-Spheres Y-90 resin microspheres
  M. Ronot (Clichy/FR)
1103.4 mNETs: further clinical data for SIR-Spheres Y-90 reesin microspheres
  A.J.A.T. Braat (Utrecht/NL)
1103.5 Guidelines: position of SIR-Spheres Y-90 resin microspheres
  T.K. Helmberger (Munich/DE)
  Panel discussion
11:30-12:30, Auditorium 6
SY 1104
EKOS acoustic pulse thrombolysis: setting the standard in thrombosis therapy
  Moderator: K.M. Sterling (Alexandria, VA/US)
Over 200 arterial thrombolysis cases with EKOS – sharing experience from the Netherlands
  R. Lely (Amsterdam/NL)
1104.2 EKOS acoustic pulse treatment for acute and chronic DVT
  M. Dumantepe (Istanbul/TR)
OPTALYSE long-term data: multiple protocols – one safe & effective treatment for pulmonary embolism
  K.M. Sterling (Alexandria, VA/US)
13:00-14:00, Auditorium 6
SY 1201 Perfecting your embolisation technique
  Moderator: G. Maleux (Leuven/BE)
1201.1 When and how to use Lipiodol with glue
  R. Loffroy (Dijon/FR)
1201.2 Rebirth of lymphangiography
  M. Itkin (Philadelphia, PA/US)
1201.3 Prevent non-target embolisation for preserving healthy tissue
  M. Tal (Tel Aviv/IL)
  Conclusion and Q&A
13:00-14:00, Auditorium 1
  Terumo Europe
SY 1202 FemPop treatment options from access to closure
  Theme: Looking at different concepts to master the challenges in femoropopliteal lesion treatment, considering the procedure from the initial puncture through the intervention to the final vessel closure - where are we in 2018?
  Moderator: S. Müller-Hülsbeck (Flensburg/DE)
  S. Müller-Hülsbeck (Flensburg/DE)
Leave nothing behind - the new generation DCB is ready 
  M. Lichtenberg (Arnsberg/DE)
Traditional Nitinol stents are there to stay
  Y. Gouëffic (Nantes/FR)
Double layer stents - innovation that pushes the limit
  K. Deloose (Dondermonde/BE)
1202.5 From access to closure
  M.G. Manzi (Abano Terme/IT)
1202.6 Conclusion
  S. Müller-Hülsbeck (Flensburg/DE)
13:00-14:00, Auditorium 8
  Medtronic Ltd
SY 1203 Evidence based approach to liver, lung and kidney microwave ablation
  Moderator: G. Carrafiello (Milan/IT)
1203.1 Evidence review of Emprint microwave ablation
  P.L. Pereira (Heilbronn/DE)
1203.2 The role of the IR
  F. Orsi (Milan/IT)
1203.3 Case based discussion
  R. Sharma (London/UK)
1203.4 Case based discussion
  D. Ribero (Turin/IT)
14:30-15:30, Auditorium 2
  Straub Medical AG
SY 1303
Rotarex®S  The 'swiss army knife' for treatment of complex arterial occlusions
  Moderator: M. Bulvas (Prague/CZ)
Mechanical debulking in peripheral interventions: a multitask and effective tool in a widening scenario. Current evidence and technical tips
  B.L. de Freitas (Leipzig/DE)
Importance of mechanical debulking in popliteal artery chronic occlusions
  M. Bulvas (Prague/CZ)
Debulking instead of stenting in chronic arterial occlusions
  M. Takes (Basel/CH)
1303.4 Vessel preparation before DEB – the Leipzig experience with Rotarex®S
  S. Braunlich (Halle/DE)
Clinical and cost effectiveness of Rotarex®S in bypass occlusions
  B. Migliara (Peschiera del Garda/IT)
Endovascular techniques in acute mesenteric ischaemia: novel approaches for a challenging scenario
  B.L. de Freitas (Leipzig/DE)
15:40-16:00, Room 1.15
SY 1304 NiTiDES: an innovative approach for the treatment of SFA lesions
  Moderator: D. Scheinert (Leipzig/DE)
1304.1 Introduction
  A. Kahlberg (Milano/IT)
1304.2 Innovating SFA lesions treatment with NiTiDES
  R. Langhoff (Berlin/DE)
1304.3 ILLUMINA study clinical results
  D. Scheinert (Leipzig/DE)
1304.4 Discussion
1304.5 Conclusion
  A. Kahlberg (Milano/IT)
15:40-16:00, Room 3.B
  Abbott Vascular International
SY 1305 Next generation technology for SFA/POP treatment
  Moderator: K. Deloose (Dendermonde/BE)
1305.1 Present and future of DCB technologies
  J.C. van den Berg (Lugano/CH)
1305.2 TRANSCEND DCB study overview
  M. Brodmann (Graz/AT)
1305.3 Going a step ahead with Supera usage
  K. Deloose (Dendermonde/BE)
16:15-16:35, Room 5.B
  B. Braun Melsungen AG
SY 1410 CONSEQUENT less metal spot stenting & DCB in fempop lesions
  Moderator: G. Tepe (Rosenheim/DE)
Reduce metallic footprints: advantages of short stents vs. long stents in fempop treatment
  R. Langhoff (Berlin/DE)
1410.2 Less is more: indications, treatment and evidence of VascuFlex Multi-LOC
  K. Deloose (Dendermonde/BE)
1410.3 It's the combination that matters: fempop cases with DCB & spot stents
  M.G. Manzi (Abano Terme/IT)
Monday, September 24, 2018   TOP 
07:40-08:20, Room 3.A
  Gore & Associates
SY 1601
New evidence using cTIPS with controlled expansion to treat portal hypertension
  Moderator: F. Fanelli (Florence/IT)
Reviewing new guidelines for the treatment of portal hypertension complications. What has changed?
  R. Loffroy (Dijon/FR)
Initial experience using the GORE® VIATORR® with controlled expansion and the GORE TIPS set
  R. Miraglia (Palermo/IT)
1-year results of a case control study using cTIPS with controlled expansion in patients presented with ascites 
  J. Trebicka (Bonn/DE)
11:30-12:30, Auditorium 8
  Canon Medical Systems
SY 1902 The role of cross-modality imaging in oncology diagnostics and treatment
  Moderator: A. Denys (Lausanne/CH)
1902.1 Improving clinical pathways with Angio CT in abdominal IR
  B. Guiu (Montpellier/FR)
1902.2 Interventional oncology in a state-of-the-art Angio CT environment
  A. Gangi (Strasbourg/FR)
11:30-12:30, Auditorium 1
SY 1903 Stenosis in AV access. Evidence-based solutions
  Moderator: P.M. Kitrou (Patras/GR)
1903.1 Update on stenosis in AV access
  P. Ponce (Lisbon/PT)
1903.2 LUTONIX® DCB in AV access. Evidence. Global registry
  T.M. Steinke (Duesseldorf/DE)
1903.3 COVERA® vascular covered stent: latest data and interesting cases
  B. Dolmach (Mountain View, CA/US)
1903.4 AV treatment – an algorithmic approach
  P.M. Kitrou (Patras/GR)
1903.5 Endovascular fistula creation with the WavelinQ EndoAVF System
  R. Shahverdyan (Hamburg/DE)
11:30-12:30, Auditorium 6
SY 1904 Penumbra’s latest solutions for embolisation, vessel occlusion, and thrombectomy
  Moderator: J.F. Benenati (Miami, FL/US)
The importance of packing density: how Ruby Coil helps to improve long term recanalisation rates
  M. Gonsalves (London/UK)
1904.2 Dense occlusion with a purposefully designed Packing Coil
  F. Wolf (Vienna/AT)
1904.3 Power aspiration with Indigo System - evolution and clinical data
  J.F. Benenati (Miami, FL/US)
How the Indigo System has changed my practice: thrombus removal in the
  F. Elmasri (Lakeland, FL/US)
1904.5 Declotting hemodialysis vascular access: early experience with Indigo CATD
  L.P. Moramarco (Pavia/IT)
  Debate and discussion
13:00-14:00, Auditorium 6
SY 2001 From fundamentals to new frontiers in HCC management
  Moderator: P.L. Pereira (Heilbronn/DE)
2001.1 Updated clinical data on cTACE
  R. Lencioni (Pisa/IT)
2001.2 A new medical device towards cTACE standardisation
  T. de Baère (Villejuif/FR)
2001.3 How to use Lipiodol® to guide local treatments and biopsies?
  T.J. Vogl (Frankfurt/DE)
  Conclusion and Q&A
13:00-14:00, Auditorium 1
  Cook Medical
SY 2002 Treating PAD in the SFA: 'Challenge the status quo'
  Moderator: M.D. Dake (Stanford, CA/US)
2002.1 Introduction
  M.D. Dake (Stanford, CA/US)
2002.2 Exploring the future of DES: XPEDITE
  E. Blessing (Karlsbad/DE)
2002.3 Zilver PTX vs. bypass: first look at 6-month results: ZILVERPASS
  M. Bosiers (Hamme/BE)
2002.4 Zilver PTX pairs well with any balloon
  K. Deloose (Dendermonde/BE)
2002.5 Follow the data: your 2018 treatment algorithm
  M.D. Dake (Stanford, CA/US)
2002.6 Summary, discussion and debate
  M.D. Dake (Stanford, CA/US)
13:00-14:00, Auditorium 8
  Terumo Europe
SY 2003 Pushing boundaries in loco regional treatments of liver cancer
  Theme: Leverage clinical and patient outcome improvements by evolving DEM-TACE and SIRT procedures with innovative devices and techniques.
  Moderators: B. Guiu (Montpellier/FR), R. Iezzi (Rome/IT)
2003.1 Introduction and objectives
  R. Iezzi (Rome/IT)
  Building a bright future for DEM-TACE
2003.2 New perspectives in DEM-TACE
  M. Bezzi (Rome/IT)
2003.3 Optimising DEM-TACE - case presentation
  F. Veloso Gomes (Lisbon/PT)
2003.4 Discussion
  From evolution to revolution in SIRT
2003.5 Imagine SIRT with dosimetric quantification
  M.G.E.H. Lam (Utrecht/NL)
2003.6 New SIRT opportunitites - case presentation 
I. Bargellini (Pisa/IT)
2003.7 Discussion
2003.8 Take home mesages
  B. Guiu (Montpellier/FR)
14:30-15:30, Auditorium 8
SY 2104
Strategies and innovative solutions for success in complex peripheral vascular disease
  Moderators: F. Fanelli (Florence/IT), K.N. Katsanos (Patras/GR)
  F. Fanelli (Florence/IT)
What are the DCB data from real world global trials telling us?
  G. Goyault (Strasbourg/FR)
Calcium: the achilles heel of endovascular treatments
  C. Nolte-Ernsting (Mühlheim/DE)
2104.4 What are the consequences of dissections and how can we avoid them?
  J.C. van den Berg (Lugano/CH)
Closing remarks
  K.N. Katsanos (Patras/GR)
14:30-15:30, Room 3.A
SY 2105
Can nanocrystalline PTX particles improve DCB treatment outcomes, confidence and reduce procedural stress?
  Moderators: M. Bosiers (Hamme/BE), M. Lichtenberg (Arnsberg/DE)
Introduction and learning objectives
The LEGDEB registry: 2-year experience with Legflow in de novo and restenotic SFA patients
  P. Goverde (Antwerp/BE)
Long femoropopliteal lesions – results from the ultrasound core lab of the Reflow
  K. Deloose (Dendermonde/BE)
Selecting the most suitable treatment option for CLI patients: the role of atherectomy and SAFEPAX
  P.H. Haarbrink (Nijmegen/NL)
Identifying drivers of long-term success in AV fistula? Lessons learned from the Aperto DCB registry
  M. Tozzi (Varese/IT)
Conclusions and closing remarks
16:15-16:35, Room 5.A
  AR Baltic Medical
SY 2209 Drug eluting balloon new frontiers
  Moderator: A. Ruebben (Vilnius/LT)
Elutax 3rd generation DCB – short and midterm results on treating ATK and BTK lesions with DCBs
  F. Strozzi (Reggio Emilia/IT)
2209.2 Usage of DCB in non-vascular lesions – initial results and future perspectives
  I. Lázár (Miskolc/HU)
2209.3 Discussion
16:15-16:35, Room 3.B
SY 2210
Squidperi liquid embolic agent solution: current use and beyond the boundaries
  Moderator: H. Kobeiter (Créteil/FR)
How Squidperi liquid embolic agent could be considered to treat established indications
  M. Venturini (Milan/IT)
2210.2 High-end embolisation of arterio-venous malformations with Squidperi
  W.A. Wohlgemuth (Halle/DE)
Tuesday, September 25, 2018   TOP 
13:00-13:30, Auditorium 2
SY 2801 Why we do what we do
  Moderator: R.G. McWilliams (Liverpool/UK)
2801.1 The usage of BX covered stents as a bridging stent in complex aortic aneurysms
  E. Verhoeven (Nuremberg/DE)
2801.2 Covered stens as a lifesaver in renal/visceral and iliac injuries
  M.A. Ruffino (Turin/IT)
2801.3 CERAB: the tailor made solution for Aortoiliac Occlusive Disease (AOID)
  P. Goverde (Antwerp/BE)
13:00-14:00, Auditorium 6
  Siemens Healthineers
SY 2802 Expanding precision medicine in interventional radiology
  Moderators: W.E.A. Saad (Ann Arbor, MI/US), M.R. Sapoval (Paris/FR)
2802.1 Evaluating treatment endpoints in interventional oncology with Angio-CT systems
  B.C. Odisio (Houston, TX/US)
Nexaris Angio-CT: expanding precision medicine in the percutaneous treatment of pelvic metastases
  S.M. Tutton (Milwaukee, WI/US)
2802.3 Image guidance in PAE - reducing radiation dose and improving patient experience
  C.R. Habermann (Hamburg/DE)
13:30-14:00, Auditorium 2
SY 2803
Long term results in the treatment of complex aortic diseases - the importance of trusted, reliable, proven, covered stents
  Moderator: A. Winterbottom (Cambridge/UK)
2803.1 Long term results of bridging stent-grafts in FEVAR/BEVAR
  E. Verhoeven (Nuremberg/DE)
2803.2 Bridging stents in fenestrated arch repair
  T. Kölbel (Hamburg/DE)