Let IR lead you to Lisbon

Discover the newest trends and advances in minimally invasive therapy in Western Europe’s oldest city! The world’s most comprehensive congress and exhibition on image-guided procedures will take place in Lisbon this September. As the sunshine capital of Europe, Lisbon is well practiced in meeting the needs of vast numbers of travellers, and offers an ideal location for CIRSE 2018. Recent renovations to the airport make for an even smoother travel experience, while top quality visitor facilities and a state-of-the-art scientific programme will ensure a rewarding stay for all who work in the field of image guidance.

Getting there
Humberto Delgado Airport (formerly Portela Airport) is a mere 7 km from the city centre, which can be easily accessed via a direct metro connection. The airport serves over 20 million passengers annually, and as of 2016, hosts 47 airlines reaching 121 destinations. It is one of Europe’s largest hubs to Brazil and Africa, as well as the largest Star Alliance hub to South America, making CIRSE 2018 an easily accessible destination for those in Europe and beyond!
The airport is the main hub of TAP, and a focus city for EasyJet, Ryanair and Azores Airlines.
Flight discounts
We’re delighted to offer significant flight discounts to those booking via our partner airline, TAP Portugal. For more details, please click on the Save on your flight link in the left hand menu. 
We return to the tried-and-tested Centro de Congressos de Lisboa. It is a well-appointed venue with sufficient space for the many lectures, workshops and discussions that are planned, as well as the various lounges we provide to facilitate networking, refuelling and planning your schedule. Full Wi-Fi coverage will allow you to check your emails and make full use of our helpful congress app.
The congress centre is located to the south-west of the city centre, on the banks of the River Tagus, in the historic district of Belém. One of the few places to escape the earthquake of 1755 unscathed, it features some of the oldest buildings in the city, as well as being the launchpad for the world-changing voyages of discovery. Those looking to stretch their legs during their lunch break might want to walk as far as the Torre de Belém, a stately Manueline lighthouse that served as both a defence system and a ceremonial gateway to Lisbon.
Getting around
The congress centre is located along the Cascais train line, between the stops Alcântar-Mar and Belém. This train line links with the metro network at Cais de Sodré (city centre), and runs along the coast as far as the charming seaside town of Cascais. Within the city itself, an extensive metro system is augmented by trains and trams, including the iconic "Americanos" – tiny, yellow, turn-of-the-century trams that are synonymous with Lisbon. These delightful  curiosities still run on the No. 15 line, ideally suited to old Lisbon’s steep hills and narrow, winding streets. Those who want to see Lisbon’s earliest trams can also visit the Public Transport Museum (Museu da Carris), a mere 10  inutes on foot from the congress centre. It opens from Mon-Sat, including throughout our scheduled lunch breaks. To enable delegates to maximise their time at the congress without worrying about commuting considerations, a number of complimentary shuttle bus routes will be provided.
Discounted rates have been agreed with many of Lisbon’s best-located hotels. For individual hotel reservation click on the accommodation link in the left hand menu. For multiple bookings, please contact cirse2018@ch.kuoni.com.
Where to eat
With an astonishing 1,800 km of coastline, it is no surprise that seafood is the mainstay of Portuguese dining – which must also be one of Europe’s most criminally underrated national cuisines. After sessions finish up for the day, cross the bridge by the congress centre and walk back towards the 25 de Abril Bridge to find a small harbour packed with great restaurants, many proudly displaying the catch of the day outside. Or for something more trendy, wind your way to LxFactory, a former manufacturing site nestled beneath the imposing bridge, now hosting a vibrant mix of cafes, restaurants, boutiques and galleries. Being in Belém also warrants trying that most seductive of Portuguese treats: the pastéis de nata. These delectable little custard tarts originate in the Jerónimos monastery, and they say the best ones in the world can still be bought in the nearby Fábrico dos Pastéis de Belém. We look forward to welcoming you all to Lisbon this September, and hope that our many member services will help you plan your stay with ease!

CIRSE would like to thank TPortugal and acknowledge our appreciation for their continued support of CIRSE 2018.