ETF Subcommittee

The ETF Subcommittee is the governing body of the European Trainee Forum, its primary purposes are to coordinate all ETF activities and to advice and support the leadership of CIRSE with all matters relating to IR training and all early stages of a European IR’s career. It is comprised of representatives from 18 European countries / European national IR societies and represents the interests of young IRs across the continent within the European IR community. The Subcommittee also facilitates communication between national IR trainee organisations and helps with CIRSE’s mentoring activities and Students’ Programme.


Greg Makris

Chairperson, UK                                        
Robyn Melanie Benz Switzerland
Volkan Cakir Turkey
Roberto Cazzato France
Nuno Vasco Costa Portugal
Rok Dežman Slovenia
Francesco Giurazza Italy
Carla Gonzalez Junyent Spain
Jan-Jaap Janssen The Netherlands
Gitte Maria Jorgensen Denmark
Vlad Kosyrev Russia
Heather Moriarty Ireland
Luka Novosel Croatia
Philipp Marius Paprottka Germany
Michal Polovincak Czech Republic
Sara Protto Finland
Daniel Putzer Austria
Krzysztof Pyra Poland
Fatemeh Sakhinia UK
Lidewij Spelt Sweden
Maria Tsitskari Greece


For any questions regarding the European Trainee Forum Subcommittee please contact etf@cirse.org.